Dinosaur Invasion!

Dinosaur Invasion!

Dinosaurs are very popular in my class & we have a bit of an invasion at the moment. Here’s what’s happening in some of the areas…


Maths Area

‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ is a favourite. Lots of counting, matching, numeral recognition & sorting at this table, but I especially love discovering what they do without an adult there… one little girl put 4 dinosaurs in a bucket with a number 4 pebble & then used a number 4 peg to clip a wooden number 4 onto the bucket…

Counting dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)

Discovery Table

Transient Art with dinosaurs… I have been amazed at some of the children’s creativity with this. These pictures have all been created without any adult support – not bad for 3 & 4 year olds!

Exploring transient art with dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)

Finger Gym

Feeding the dinosaurs is a little tricky – some of the children are preferring to do it without the tweezers, but a pincer grip is still needed to pick up the beads or stones…

Feeding the dinosaurs from Rachel (",)

Small World

Simple dinosaur play in the small world area..

Small world dinosaur play from Rachel (",)

Sand Tray

The children have fun with a Dinosaur Dig. Fine motor skills are used to brush the sand off their discoveries…

Dinosaur dig from Rachel (",)

Water Tray

Frozen dinosaurs! I’ve been freezing dinosaurs for years, but I still enjoy the looks on the children’s faces as they discover them. They really enjoy exploring different ways to ‘free’ them…

Iced dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)

Play Dough

The children have enjoyed making dinosaurs (& other creatures) with play dough, googly eyes & pasta…

Dinosaur dough - from Rachel (",)


The large dinosaurs have been exploring the outdoor area…

Dinosaurs invade outdoors - from Rachel (",)

We love dinosaurs!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. What lots of fantastic dinosaur activities. I do like the art one the most as I’ve not came across that before. I had pinned it to my dinosaur board 🙂

    • Thank you for you kind comment (“,) I especially love Transient Art, so I’m glad you like that activity 😉

  2. Just wanted you to know how much I like your page. How inspiring you are to others and not to mention how I appreciate you sharing all your work
    Unnur Henrys

    • Oh, that you Unnur! I really appreciate your lovely comment 🙂


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