Gg is for Goldilocks…

Gg is for Goldilocks…

Goldilocks has paid a visit to Nursery this week. Here are some of the opportunities we had available…


Play dough with porridge oats.

Just plain (scented) dough with oats kneaded in. I added some bear cutters a dish of buttons…
'Oaty' dough - from Rachel (",)

Dough with porridge oats - from Rachel (",)

Homemade puppet spoons.

I painted simple wooden spoons with normal paint, used permanent markers to draw the faces & then added felt ears & fabric & wool ‘accessories’. Great for story telling…

Goldilocks & The Three Bears Puppet Spoons - from Rachel (",)

Bears on the game board.

The children were able to make up their own games, but lots chose to throw the dice to see how many bears to place on the board. We also matched the spots to the numerals & made up some repeating patterns.

Bears on the game board - from Rachel (",)

Counting, sorting & the number 3

Lots of wooden numbers & loose parts to count & sort. I added Russian Dolls as a comparative size element as I thought we could compare them to the Three Bears.

Counting, sorting & the number 3 - from Rachel (",)

Porridge on the Finger Gym

Stirring & transferring the oats into different sized bowls, with different sized spoons…

Porridge on the Finger Gym - from Rachel (",)

My Nursery Nurse suggested adding Mixed Spice & Cinnamon – they loved stirring it in & it smelled delicious!

Porridge on the Finger Gym - from Rachel (",)

In case you were wondering if they kept it on the table…

Porridge on the Finger Gym - from Rachel (",) !!

Transient art with hard & soft loose parts.

We talked about Goldilocks finding the chairs & beds too hard or soft & then made pictures with hard & soft materials…

Transient art with hard & soft loose parts - from Rachel (",)

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Lots of fun at the picnic. I used fir cones, conkers, glass nuggets, stones & pom-poms as the ‘food’, as I wanted the children to use open-ended resources to avoid the fixed ideas that plastic food can bring.

Teddy bear's picnic - from Rachel (",)

Laminated Goldilocks & Three Bears masks were also available for role-play. I found them here & here, but there are lots available if you do a search.

Goldilocks role-play with masks - from Rachel (",)

Goldilock’s forest in the sand tray.

Small world play, story retelling & building…

Goldilock's forest in the sand tray - from Rachel (",)

Bears on the ‘lightbox’

These are beads, but they’re great on the lightbox as they’re translucent. I added the mirror box for investigation & the cellophane numbers to provide the extra opportunity of counting & numeral recognition.

Bears on the lightbox - from Rachel (",)


Gg is also for ‘garden’ & we have been gardening & looking for ‘garden creatures’ in this tray…

Gardening & garden creatures - from Rachel (",)

Thank you for reading!

Rachel (“,)


  1. Hi Rachel, after following you for a while now on Pinterest, imagine my delight at finding out you also blog! Loved the messy floor pic – much more like real life than Pinterest 😉

    • Hi! I follow you too! 😀
      I should take more ‘after’ pics – the areas certainly look ‘well-loved’ after the children have finished with them! 😉

  2. Love your work!

    • Oh thank you, Marian! 😀

  3. Hey Rachel,

    I have been enjoying your posts on pinterest for ages and I too have just found this blog. It’s awesome!! First of all, thank you so much for sharing all your creative and wonderful ideas. As a new EYFS teacher starting out I really appreciate it (and wonder how you have the time to do it!) – it helps me keep in touch with the principles I want to bring to my teaching. So thanks!

    Secondly, I actually ended up here while trying to find out where you get/got your wonderful wooden dishes from. I have a little donation from the friends at our school to spend in my Nursery classroom, and am looking at various things – would love to get some similar, natural looking interesting display dishes. They look so appealing and I know the children would love them!

    Thanks in advance if you can help!


    • Hi Kim,
      I love my wooden bowls & have a bit of an obsession with them! I’ve mainly sourced them from charity shops or eBay as lots of them are from the 1970s. You can buy salad bowl sets, where you may get a larger bowl with 4 smaller ones, though. Sadly, plastic is so much cheaper.
      Sorry I can’t be more help than that.
      PS. Thank you for saying lovely things & for following! (“,)

  4. Nice resource, thanks!

    • 🙂

  5. Dear Rachel
    I have only very recently heard about you and your website. Your activities are simply delightful and inspiring. You are a fantastic discovery. Thank you for sharing and being able to print some of your resources.
    Best regards

    • You are very welcome, Catherine- and thank you for the lovely comment! 🙂

  6. Hi Rachel
    I have very recently discovered your website and have to tell you how simply delightful and inspiring it is. Thank you for sharing your fabulous activities and to be able to print some of them.
    Best regards


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