Spring is in the Air

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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air (sort of!), so we have been enjoying some activities related with this & Easter.


Spring Maths

The maths area included numbers, bunny cups, bunnies, chicks, frogs, eggs, small ladybirds & the ladybirds I made in this post. We completed all sorts of counting & numeral recognition activities.

Spring Maths - from Rachel (",)

I’ve seen homemade bunny cups all over the internet, but most recently on The Imagination Tree. Super easy to make! I added numbers onto the back of mine, so that we could use them in maths activities. We especially loved finding the missing numbers in the line…

Spring Maths - from Rachel (",)

Spring Maths - from Rachel (",)

We also worked on numeral recognition with large numbers & nuggets…

Nuggets, numbers & rainbows - from Rachel (",)


Spring Art

Spring-coloured & Easter-related loose parts to explore & arrange…

Spring Art - from Rachel (",)

Finger Gym

Spring colours & a large egg box. Lots of scooping, transferring, ‘crossing the midline’ & fine-motor work here…

Spring colours & a large egg box on the Finger Gym - from Rachel (",)

Spring colours & a large egg box on the Finger Gym - from Rachel (",)


Water Tray

Stones, frogs & logs…

Frogs in the water tray - from Rachel (",)



Sand Tray

We enjoyed reading ‘The Odd Egg’ by Emily Gravett. To link with this, eggs filled with creatures were placed in the sand tray, along with alligators…

Eggs Alert! - from Rachel (",)



Small World

A spring-like world to create stories in. I love how the children use the rainbow in ways I wouldn’t think of…

Spring is in the air... from Rachel (",)



Play Dough Table

Spring flowers with glass nuggets & cutters. One of my Nursery Nurses suggested adding straws, which were used as stems (& birthday candles!)…

Flowery dough - from Rachel (",)



Potato Masher Egg Printing

I saw this printing idea on De tout et de rien here & thought it would be a nice activity for the children to experience. It turned out that my potato masher was slightly concave so just produced an egg shape, rather than filling in the pattern too. So we gave them cotton buds to create their own patterns.

Egg printing with a potato masher - from Rachel (",)

I then purchased some new potato mashers & the children had a go with them. Some chose to paint the masher with different colours & some just chose one…

Egg printing with a potato masher - from Rachel (",)



Light Box

Out came the cellophane numbers again, along with egg-shaped nuggets – sorting, pattern making, counting & colour mixing…

'Eggs' on the lightbox - from Rachel (",)



Mirror Fun

I love using mirrors in the classroom. I put a flat one with the mirror box & the colour blocks together on a table. Some children made interesting structures & others experimented with colour mixing again – this time looking at the new created colour in the reflection.

A mirror, the mirror box & colour blocks - from Rachel (",)A mirror, the mirror box & colour blocks - from Rachel (",)A mirror, the mirror box & colour blocks - from Rachel (",)


Rainbow rice, colourful spoons & egg-boxes

Just because we love it! (Good for motor skills too, though, & the children love role-playing with it.)

Rainbow rice, colourful spoons & eggboxes - from Rachel (",)


Rainbow Watercolours

There are so many examples of watercolours created with old felt tips on Pinterest. We had quite a few dried-up pens so I decided to give it a go. We stood up the old felt tips in water & left them. Any remaining colour bleeds out into the water, creating watercolour-type ‘paint’. Be warned though, you are basically providing jars of water & if they’re knocked over, it goes everywhere (yes I did this, not the children, & ended up with very blue hands, a blue table & blue floor)! I would suggest sturdy-based jars rather than tall ones 😉

Felt tip watercolours - from Rachel (",)



The construction area is always available. Although I do sometimes add new elements, I often just allow the children to explore & create with the existing materials. I love it when I catch the girls building together…

Girls at work - from Rachel (",)

Outside, we enjoyed the spring sunshine & made a fire engine. It even had ‘controls’…

Outdoor fun - from Rachel (",)


Only a week until we finish for the Easter break now, so it may be a couple of weeks before I post again. We’ll see! 😉

Thanks for reading!
Rachel (“,)


  1. What wonderful ideas! Always makes me want to come and play too! Love the potato masher printing, very cool!

    • Thanks Natalie! The potato masher wasn’t my idea, but it’s so simple I couldn’t resist! (“,)

  2. Some of the most enticing ideas I’ve seen. Just brilliant. Will look forward to seeing more! Thank you.

  3. Some fantastic ideas, and inspiring learning ideas. Would love to visit your setting been a nursey nurse myself. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Where can I find those rainbow nuggets?! They are so beautiful!

    • Hi Leah, are you in the UK too?
      I’ve had lots of my nuggets for years – they were really popular for floral arrangements or fish tanks in the 90s & were very cheap.
      There are lots on eBay or the internet, search for ‘opaque’ glass nuggets (or pebbles).
      They’re not cheap these days though, I’m afraid :(

  5. Hi Rachel, your ideas really inspire me but don’t have all the lovely little bits that you use. Where do you get all your little animals, beads etc from? Love the wooden ladybirds you used on another page.

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