This Week’s Fun

This Week’s Fun

We’ve had fun with various activities this week.

Half-term & then general busy mayhem, means that this is a late post & I’m afraid I haven’t got time to go into too much detail. Sorry!

What we’ve been up to…

We’ve had a bit of a focus on the letter ‘m’ during this last week & so have had activities linked with the initial sound. There are photos of some of them here.


Exploring reflections with loose parts in the small world ‘moon’…

Exploring reflection & loose parts in the small world area - from Rachel (",)

Mosaic tiles on the mirror box…

Mosaics on the mirror box - from Rachel (",)

Monster maths game (I got this idea here, but made my own monsters).

Monster counting from Rachel (",)

Measuring capacity with rainbow rice…

Exploring capacity with rainbow rice - from Rachel (",)

Exploring magnets (the children loved this!)…

Exploring magnets - from Rachel (",)

Matching, sorting, counting, patterning (& general playing) with plastic ice-cubes on the ‘lightbox’…

Plastic ice-cubes on the 'light box' - from Rachel (",)

Building on a mirror…

Exploring reflections with bricks - from Rachel (",)

It’s been a busy few days!

Thank you for reading!

Rachel (“,)


  1. In LOVE with your mosaics on the mirror box activity! I need to buy some mirrors! That is wayyyy cool! Thanks for sharing : )

    • Thank you, Kristina, we loved it too (“,)
      It’s so easy to make the box! Have fun! 😉

  2. Hi Rachel, thanks for sharing. I was wondering how did you make the galaxy board? Is it foil covering part of the board?

    • It’s a sort of foil (it’s thinner though). I found it in the art cupboard at school, we have a big roll of it.
      The night sky board is from TTS, in the UK.


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