Our New Rope Light

Our New Rope Light

I am so excited that we have a new rope light. Another resource I have been wanting for ages!

The light is tricky to capture, but hopefully you get the idea – sorry the pictures are a little blurry…

Our new rope light - from Rachel (",)

It arrived this week & we have begun by exploring it in the construction area…

Using a rope light in the construction area... from Rachel (",)

I’m sure there will be lots more investigating & I have other ideas for where we may use it. Simply playing with it was enough to begin with though.


As a complete aside, look what one little girl had started creating just as we needed to tidy. She said she hadn’t finished & was making ‘this one’ (pointing to the Taj Mahal picture on the wall).

The Taj Mahal - from Rachel (",)

Unfortunately we had to tidy it up as it was going to be the Easter holiday & the carpet was due to be cleaned. However, my intention is to help her recreate it, if she wishes, so that she can carry on. I really hope she does, can’t wait to see what she does!

Thanks for reading this (short) post (well it is the holidays!) 🙂

Rachel (“,)

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