Fairies and Castles

Fairies and Castles

The children really enjoyed the castle play last week, so we have continued with it. Fairies have visited though. Here are some of the things we have explored…


Finger Gym

Fairy wands & busy ‘castle work’…

Finger Gym Castle & Fairy Jobs... from Rachel (",)

Although there was some ‘fairy wand’ decorating & arranging…

Decorating fairy wands - from Rachel (",)

The keys & padlocks were much more popular! The children enjoyed having a go with the nuts & bolts too – although it was tricky! They loved the giant keys & used them for role-play 🙂

Castle keys & locks - from Rachel (",)

Nuts and bolts... fine motor work from Rachel (",)


Small World

Fairies have visited the castle. They are apparently busy doing ‘good work’ & have flown all round the classroom.

Fairies in the Castle - from Rachel (",)


Play Dough & Fairies

After seeing this Fairy Garden Play Dough from Fantastic Fun and Learning, I was inspired to do something similar. The children have really enjoyed using the fairies & loose parts with the dough & have been far more creative than I would’ve been!

Fairy dough - from Rachel (",)


Fairy dough - from Rachel (",)

Fairy footprints…

Fairy footprints... from Rachel (",)

I also drew faces & numbers to dolly pegs, & added these to see what the children would do with them. I think we’ll use them for other things too. This is a close-up of them…

Numbered dolly pegs... from Rachel (",)


Discovery Table

Loose parts to sort & explore…

Resources to explore at the Discovery Table - from Rachel (",)

This little girl declared that she was “putting the special ones at the top” – she also used found flowers to make a picture on the white tile…

Exploring & organising open-ended materials... from Rachel (",)

“I’m putting the special ones at the top.”

Transient art (any excuse 🙂 )…

Discovery table - from Rachel (",)


Maths Area

Numbered plant pot ‘castles’ with peg ‘turrets’, as well as mirrors, numbers & glass nuggets. I also added some numbered pieces of card…

Castle maths from Rachel (",)

I moved the scales to another space as the children really enjoyed using them last week. The ‘Medieval Banquet’ remained too, as it was so popular…

Vintage Scales & 'Medieval Banquet'... from Rachel (",)


Light Box

The children enjoyed tracing the patterns with the metal loose parts last week, so I added patterns & (more ‘jewels’ from the castle) glass nuggets to the light box…

Patterns on the light box... from Rachel (",)


Construction Area

I added ‘Medieval’ chess pieces to the construction area, to see what the children would do with them..

Bricks & chess pieces - from Rachel (",)


Activity Trays

I pinned a ‘button search‘ activity from StrongStart some time ago & thought it would be a nice activity for the children this week. I told them that some of the people who worked in the castle had some clothes to mend, but they were in a  muddle with the buttons…

Button matching - from Rachel (",)

A phonics tray with scrabble letters & simple word cards…

Phonics tray... from Rachel (",)

This also led to some spontaneous writing from a 3 (near 4) year old. Complete with ‘sound buttons’!

Phonics tray... from Rachel (",)


Water Tray

I added creatures & (aquarium) plants to the water tray…

Water tray with plants & creatures - from Rachel (",)



The children have actually chosen to spend more time outdoors than in this week & we have had fun with mud pies, daisy cakes & chocolate soup (food fit for the castle)…

Mud pies, daisy cake & chocolate soup - from Rachel... from Rachel (",)

Of course every princess must have daisies in her hair…

Princess Daisy Hair - from Rachel (",)


The children have already made their requests for next week, but you’ll have to wait & see… 😉

Thank you for reading!

Rachel (“,)



  1. Gorgeous ideas as ever 🙂 I love the chess pieces in block play!

    • Thanks, Claire! I had a different chess set out last week. Forgot I had these. Perfect for castle play! 😉

  2. you are brilliant.

    • Aw, thank you Debbie!! 😀

  3. Brilliant ideas! Where did you get your fairies from?

    • Thank you! They are old Early Learning Centre fairies – sometimes they re-do them. If not, you might be able to pick some up from eBay. Safari Toobs might do some too…


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