Enjoying Autumn

Enjoying Autumn

I love autumn; it’s such a fabulous season to enjoy in school. I thought I would gather together some of the activities we have enjoyed so far this term – some of them in this last week & some of them at other times…


Maths Fun

A variety of loose parts to explore in a mathematical way – autumn coloured glass nuggets, acorns, wooden acorns, conkers, silk leaves, plastic leaves, numbered wooden discs, numbered cups & wooden numbers …

Autumn maths with loose parts... from Rachel (",)

Working with an adult, one little boy made a man with the silk leaves & some glass nuggets. Independently, he chose to add a number 4, explaining that the Leaf Man is 4, just like him 🙂

Making a Leaf Man in the Maths Area... "He's 4, like me!" - from Rachel (",)

Back in the summer I posted this picture on my Facebook Page… a simple counting activity with numbered branch slices & stones.

Counting stones - from Rachel (",)

We have completed the same activity with conkers this term…

Counting conkers - from Rachel (",)

… and something similar with silk leaves & painted wooden numbers…

Leaf counting - from Rachel (",)

This is not something we have done this term (it is a photo from this Garden Maths post), but I am reposting it as it has an autumnal feel & it is something we may visit in the next few weeks…

Garden Maths... Weighing natural materials... from Rachel (",)


Finger Gym & other Fine Motor Activities

Balancing & threading…

Autumn Finger Gym Fun - from Rachel (",)

We did try to pick up the conkers with the tweezers but it was really tricky as they were quite big & ‘slippery’ – the children ended up placing the conkers in the tweezers with their fingers!

Autumn Finger Gym Fun - from Rachel (",)

So we abandoned the tweezers & focused more on the balancing of the conkers on the golf tees. Still great for their hand-eye coordination  & there was lots of use of the ‘pincer’ grip…

Autumn Finger Gym Fun - from Rachel (",)

Threading wooden cedar rings (intended to deter moths!) onto twine was another lovely fine motor/hand-eye coordination activity…

Autumn Finger Gym Fun - from Rachel (",)

Hole-punching leaves & threading them onto sticks (& also just pushing them onto sticks) was fun…

Threading leaves onto a stick - from Rachel (",)

Here the children were required to have a go at removing the sunflower seeds from the mixture with the tweezers…

Fine motor seed sorting - from Rachel (",)

Out came the natural geoboards again. They love them!

Natural Geoboard... from Rachel (",)

Hand-eye co-ordination with pumpkins, golf tees & hammers – an activity we have not done yet this term, but will definitely be repeating. (This is a photo from last year & you can ‘pin’ it from my, ‘My Classroom / Blog’ board here). The first time we completed this activity, we used real hammers. In this photo you can see we used small rubber hammers. They were nowhere near as effective as the real ones, so it’s back to the ‘proper tools’ again this time.

Hand-eye co-ordination with pumpkins, golf tees & hammers - from Rachel (",)



A simple autumn table to explore…

Autumn Table... from Rachel (",)

Real leaves on the homemade mirror box…

Leaves on the mirror box - from Rachel (",)

This is a photo from last autumn too (you can ‘pin it’ from here). We will definitely be exploring our pumpkins again this year, but maybe next week or just after half term…

Pumpkin seed collecting from Rachel (",)


Woodland World

Woodland World... from Rachel (",)


Hunting for Bugs

Leaves collected on an autumn walk in our school ‘woodland’ area were put the water tray with bugs to find…

Hunting for bugs - from Rachel (",)


Sensory Treasures

An autumnal coloured sensory bowl lead to some number work & transient art activities…

Autumnal coloured sensory treasure - from Rachel (",)

Autumnal coloured sensory treasure close-up - from Rachel (",)

Autumnal coloured sensory treasure - from Rachel (",)

Autumnal coloured sensory treasure - from Rachel (",)

Autumn Trees on the Lightbox

Twigs, plastic leaves & red nugget ‘apples’ on the homemade lightbox…

Lightbox trees - from Rachel (",)

Little bird buttons found their way to the box too…

Trees on the lightbox - from Rachel (",)


Tap The Magic Tree

Another gorgeous book! The children loved looking at the images of the apple tree as it changes through the seasons. I set up a similar activity to that shown on the lightbox above, on a mirror…

Tap the Magic Tree - from Rachel (",)


Open-Ended Exploration

These resources were explored in a variety of ways…

Open-ended exploration - from Rachel (",)

Number work…

Ordering numbers - from Rachel (",)

Autumn counting and numeral recognition - from Rachel (",)

Leaf Man creating…

Leaf Man Transient Art - from Rachel (",)

Matching coloured glass nuggets to the colour of real leaves (an idea I got from the fabulous Imagination Tree here)…

Matching colours - from Rachel (",)

… and, of course, transient art…

Transient Art - from Rachel (",)

Transient art - from Rachel (",)


Autumn Dough

Autumn leaf dough - from Rachel (",)

Natural dough - from Rachel (",)


Matching Colours

Trying to match colours outdoors to the paint charts was much trickier than we thought it would be!

Trying to match colours - from Rachel (",)


Leaf Printing

This is another image you can find on my Pinterest Classroom board (here) from last autumn. It’s a fabulous activity for exploring autumnal colours & printing…

Leaf Printing from Rachel (",)


And we still have Halloween & Bonfire Night to come…

I love autumn! 😀


Thanks for reading!

– Rachel (“,)

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  1. Do you have directions for how to make the homemade light table? I would love to make one!

  2. How do you run your provocations/centres? Do you let the kids freely move around the room or do they stay at the station for a designated time? If so, what do the ‘early finishers’ do?

    • They move freely around the room, Nicole 🙂

  3. Did you make the branch slices with numbers? Or where did you find them?

    • I made them. I was given those particular log pieces and I just used a sharpie pen to write the numbers…

  4. Lovely ideas

    • Thanks, Lorraine 🙂


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