Aliens, Robots & Monsters!

Aliens, Robots & Monsters!

The children were still so engaged with some of last week’s activities, that I decided to either keep them or tweak them a little. Monster play featured quite heavily too, so these have crept their way in this week…

Here are some of the activities we have explored…


Monster Maths

Monster & alien counting manipulatives along with numbers & nuggets. I also set up my Monster game for them to enjoy too. If you wish a copy of this, you can download it for free from this post.

Monsters and Aliens in the Maths Area - from Rachel (",)


Challenge Cards

I have various little ‘pieces’ (sourced on eBay) that I use as counting manipulatives. I photocopied these to create some challenge cards (some to be used independently & some as part of a directed activity). It’s tricky to tell in these photos which are the photocopied images or the real aliens/monsters, but you get the idea…

Challenge Card - Monster and Alien match (matching game made from photocopied pieces) - from Rachel  (",)

Making Up to the Correct Number

Challenge Cards - adding the correct amount of pieces - from Rachel (",)

Making Up to the Correct Number  (alternative layout)

Challenge Cards - adding the correct amount of pieces - from Rachel (",)

Filling in the Missing Numbers

Challenge Cards - photocopied numbers - missing numbers game...from Rachel (",)


Game Board

The manipulatives were used with the game board too…

Aliens and monsters on a game board - from Rachel (",)


Tap-A-Shape on the Finger Gym

This class haven’t had a go with the Tap-A-Shape yet, so I decided it was time to get it out for them to test it out. Great for fine-motor skills & hand-eye co-ordination! I originally just put out two of the cork boards, but soon had to add two more as it was so popular. The children were encouraged to create monsters, but of course, they created all sorts of things…

Tap-A-Shape Provocation from Rachel (",)

Tap-A-Shape creations from Rachel (",)


Magnet Play at the Discovery Table

We kept the robots as we had so much fun with them last week

Magnetic tin can robot play continued - from Rachel (",)


Aliens on the Moon

Still the moon., however aliens have landed…

Aliens on the moon - from Rachel (",)


Sensory Tray

The silver sensory tray has remained, although monsters were added & also an alien book…

Monsters in the sensory tray from Rachel (",)


Pumpkin Monsters

We’ve hammered golf tees into pumpkins for a few years now. This year however, I added Mr Potato Head body parts to the tray so that the children could add them to the holes created by the golf tees…

Pumpkins, golf tees, hammers and bodyparts from Rachel (",)


Lightbox Creations

Laminated cellophane shapes are great for creating monster pictures & other creations…

Laminated cellophane shapes on the homemade lightbox - from Rachel (",)

… we also used them on the OHP…

Laminated cellophane shapes on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Shape Pictures

Shapes from the maths area. The frames provided a space to create a picture…

Shape pictures from Rachel (",)


Mirror Box Shapes

Shapes on the mirror box promoted all sorts of discussion!

Shapes on the mirror box from Rachel (",)


Dough Monsters

Shapes, googly eyes, bottle top lids, glass nuggets & feathers…

Play dough monsters and other creatures - from Rachel (",)

All sorts of things were created – including monsters with lasers! The children also chose to make faces & animals…

Play dough monsters and other creatures - from Rachel (",)

… I particularly loved this rabbit…

Play dough rabbit from Rachel (",)


Monster Splat Painting

We often use these monsters in water, but we thought we’d have a go at using them with paint. First we used our gross motor skills to throw them at the wall outside & then we printed with them. Great fun!

Monster splat painting from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading!

– Rachel (“,)


  1. I love, love, love the magnetic robots and the dough monsters. I have a big tub of clay that my kids have been begging to get into, so might have to modify the dough monsters to make clay monsters. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Anna! Enjoy your monsters 😉

  2. I love your little aliens and monsters…you said you got them on ebay…what do I search for? They would be perfect for my class right now as we are doing space.
    Thanks for the inspiration

    • Perhaps try ‘Sully’ or ‘Mike. Or maybe Toy Story? x

  3. Wow, so many great ideas!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! Congrats on being tied for most clicked this week!

    • Wow, thank you Carrie! 😀

  4. hI – sorry didn’t realise there were different sections to comment on.
    The little monsters for counting are they magnets, buttons or counters.
    I have tried searching e bay but nothing similar is coming up and not in the quantities needed

    • Hi Karen. Did you see the reply I made to your comment? You need to do an ‘advanced’ search, so that you can search for the seller rather than the product. The seller is called
      The monsters aren’t really counters at all, I just used them for that. From memory, I think they are intended for hair bobbles or something like that.

  5. I love your monsters for splat painting did you make or buy them?

    • They were from a pound shop a few years ago. Sort of sensory, stretchy monsters. We love them in the water tray too 🙂


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