Simple Christmas Printables

Simple Christmas Printables

We have had a manic week & although I’ve taken lots of photos, I haven’t had chance to do anything with them yet. So instead of my usual post, I thought I’d share some of the simple Christmas printables I’ve made over the years. I will post photos from our Christmas-y fun this week, but will share them in the next couple of weeks.

As always, please note that I am not a professional ‘printable-creator’ & I don’t have special software. These are just activities I’ve made to use with the children in my class & I thought they might save you a little time. Wherever possible there is blank version within the printable, so that you can add your own numbers, shapes, letters etc…


Numbered Christmas Trees

Identify the number in the star & decorate the tree with the same number of loose parts. This is an image from my very first blog post, nearly a year ago, when I didn’t know what I was doing as far as blogging is concerned… 😉

Christmas counting from Rachel (",)

Download it here: Numbered Christmas Trees from Rachel (“,)


Decorate the Tree

This was originally intended for some sticker fun, but I ended up enlarging it to A3 & using it with loose parts. It’s a sectioned tree with the numbers 1-10, although there is a also a tree which has no numbers printed…

Decorating the Tree (FREE printable) - from Rachel (",)

Download it here: Sectioned Tree for Decorating from Rachel (“,)


Fine-Motor Sticker Fun

There are lots of examples of this online – simple Christmas Pictures to use with stickers. Great for those fine-motor skills & the activity is easily differentiated with different sized stickers…

Fine-Motor Sticker Fun with FREE Christmas Printables - from Rachel (",)

Download it here: Christmas Pictures for Stickers from Rachel (“,)


Christmas Tree Game

Very similar to the Owl Game I shared with you last week. Roll the dice & cover the corresponding number with a ‘decoration’. Blank ones included for your own challenges, if you wish…

Christmas Tree Game (FREE printable) - from Rachel (",)

Download it here: Christmas Trees Game from Rachel (“,)


Simple Christmas Shape Pictures

Just a few simple examples of pictures the children could create with shapes…

Simple Christmas Shape Picture Cards (FREE printable) - from Rachel (",)

Download it here: Simple Christmas Shape Pictures from Rachel (“,)


Fine Motor Pom-Pom Fun

Use the tweezers to place pom-poms in the circles…

Fine-Motor Pom-Pom Game (FREE printable) - from Rachel (",)

Download it here: Christmas Tree for Pom-Poms from Rachel (“,)

I have also set one up to print to A3 (you might need to select the print-to-A3 option on your printer), which you can download here: Christmas Tree of r Pom-Poms – A3 Version from Rachel (“,)


Snowman Counting

I actually tend not to have snowmen as a feature at Christmas time, as it so rarely snows where we are in the Christmas period (it’s usually January or February, if we get it at all), but I know lots of you do so I’m sharing this here.

This was an activity I saw on Pinterest at the very beginning of this year (from mama.papa.bubba) & I made my own to go alongside some ‘winter’ activities…

Snowman Counting (FREE printable) - from Rachel (",)

Download it here: Snowmen 1-10 Hats from Rachel (“,)


Just a few ideas. I’ve made lots of things over the years, but can only share the ones with images I’ve created (or taken) myself, due to copyright. If I come across more in my (many) files, I’ll share them. Hope you find these useful 🙂


Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thank you Rachel. We were due to start ‘Christmas’ last week but due to one thing and another it didn’t happen – I’m not letting it escape me this one!

    • Hope you manage to get started this week 😉

  2. Really appreciate these resources! A good find!

    • Glad you think you’ll find them useful, Tony (“,)

  3. Sooo creative Rachel!! Thank you so much!!!

    • Glad you like them, Caroline! (“,)

  4. Thank you Rachel
    I’m going to use the Christmas tree game next week
    Jo x

    • Hope they enjoy it, Jo! x

  5. Thank you for sharing these Rachel. I’ve just discovered your site and I’m so glad to have found it. Great ideas and so beautifully presented!

    • Thank you for the lovely comment, Dawn! (“,)

  6. Amazing resources, as ever! Thanks so much for sharing, I can feel the laminator on overdrive this week!!

    • Thanks Emma! Have fun! 😉

  7. Been busy cutting out trees to use next week…
    Thanks for sharing your ideas! Your blogs are always inspiring

    • Thank you Gill!
      Enjoy the trees 😉


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