And So It Begins… Christmas Fun

And So It Begins… Christmas Fun

Well we are well & truly in the midst of Christmas celebrations! Last week I shared a few Christmas Printables, as I had no time to do anything with the photos taken of all our activities. I said I’d share them this week & next, along with any new photos taken, so here are some of them along with this week’s antics…


Christmas-y World

… in a picnic basket…

Christmas World in a basket from Rachel (",)

Christmas World in a basket from Rachel (",)


Christmas Maths


Numeral Recognition & Counting

Last year I used these trees on the Finger Gym (you can see a larger image here), this year I’ve used them in the maths area with numbers & dice. The children were asked to roll the dice & then decorate the trees with the corresponding amount of ‘decorations’…

Number fun with wooden Christmas trees - from Rachel (",)

Sorting Baubles

Such a simple activity, with the opportunity to talk about size, colour, shape etc…

Sorting baubles from Rachel (",)

Sorting Erasers

We also did this last year. A great opportunity to talk about reflection too…

Sorting Christmas erasers from Rachel (",)


Board Games

We used a blank board game from Early Excellence to make up our own board games with Christmas pieces (a directed activity)…

Which Father Christmas will be the first to wake his reindeer?

Making up board games... Which Father Christmas will be the first to wake his reindeer? - from Rachel (",)

 Who will be the first to collect their presents?

Making up board games... Who will be the first to collect their presents? - from Rachel (",)

How many presents can Father Christmas collect?

Making up board games... How many presents can Father Christmas collect? - from Rachel (",)

Sensory Exploration and Counting

Sensory exploration and counting from Rachel (",)




Christmas Street

The boys especially loved this & spent a long time in the area…

Christmas Street from Rachel (",)

Building with Boxes

These boxes get used for all sorts of things over this period, but we haven’t built with them before. The girls really loved this…

Building with Christmas boxes - from Rachel (",)


Finger Gym


Balancing Fun

Balancing numbered baubles, beads and nuggets on golf tees…

Balancing numbered baubles, beads and nuggets - from Rachel (",)

For some, there was the added challenge of ordering & balancing the numbered baubles. Very tricky indeed!

Numbered bauble challenge from Rachel (",)

This was not the idea, but it made me smile & I was pleased with the fine motor skills needed to ‘open’ the thread & place it over the golf tee…

Threading baubles on golf tees... from Rachel (",)

Simple Threading

I punched holes in a few cards saved from last year to make some threading cards…

Threading hole-punched Christmas cards - from Rachel (",)

Tweezers and Gift Bows

Simple transferring…

Tweezers and gift bows - from Rachel (",)


Water Tray

Sparkly glittery water with gel numbers & nets…

Sparkly water, numbers and nets - from Rachel (",)


Play Dough Fun


Reindeer Dough

I got this idea (& the lightbox Christmas tree below) from An Idea on Tuesday. The children enjoyed creating reindeers…

Reindeer dough from Rachel (",)

… and other things…

Play dough creations from Rachel (",)

Christmas Tree Dough

Christmas Tree Dough from Rachel (",)


Christmas Lightbox


Decorating the Tree

Here’s the tree I mentioned above. A laminated tree with counters, jewels & play dough cutters.

Laminated tree on the lightbox - from Rachel (",)

The smaller of laminated cellophane shapes I made for our Aliens, Robots & Monsters fun migrated their way over from the OHP too…

Laminated cellophane shapes on the lightbox - from Rachel (",)



… for a certain person…

Building for Father Christmas on the Lightbox - from Rachel (",)


Sensory Fun


Sparkly Foam

…with sequins, tweezers & wands. It was super tricky to release the stars from the foam, which was great for encouraging a pincer grip…

Sensory foam with glitter and sequins - from Rachel (",)

Sensory foam with glitter and sequins - from Rachel (",)

Sensory Bowl

… exploring, discussing, sorting, counting, enjoying!

Christmas sensory bowl from Rachel (",)


More to come next week! 😉

Brick and shape tree from Rachel (",)

Thanks for reading!

– Rachel (“,)


  1. Thank you again for sharing your inspiring ideas! Your blogs are always so clearly presented.

    • Thanks Gill! (“,)

  2. I love your ideas. They are so inspiring and always send me shopping or looking online. I’ve used loads of your ideas and the children love them! Can’t wait for your next blog!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Rachel 😀

  3. Thank you for sharing. Your practice is a complete inspiration! I want to be a child in your class! Have a happy Christmas! :))

    • That’s a lovely thing to say! Thank you, Janet (“,)

  4. I love this for Christmas time for my Daycare children. Thank you for posting :). Can’t wait to put together

    • You are very welcome, Tammy! xx

  5. ✨So inspiring, as always, Rachel! Thanks again for sharing…✨❄️

    • You are very welcome, Gill! 🙂

  6. Please could I ask what you have your golf tees stuck into to hold them upright? I have tried all sorts but not found anything successful! Thanks!

    • I now have them in a log slice, but here it is firm packaging. I think it was from a box with a laptop or computer in. It’s like a really stiff foam material.


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