Christmas Continued…

Christmas Continued…

Well, we’ve finished for the Christmas holiday now & it’s been another hectic week!

Here are some more of the opportunities we’ve enjoyed over this period…


Retelling the Christmas Story

… with finger puppets.

Retelling the Christmas Story - from Rachel (",)


Polar Express

I set up this small world after we read & enjoyed the beautiful story…

Polar Express Inspired Small World Play from Rachel (",)

Polar Express Inspired Small World Play from Rachel (",)


Christmas Sensory Tray

This is something I set up last year as well. It was so popular that I knew it’d be a hit this year too…

Seasonal Sensory Exploration from Rachel (",)


Fine-Motor Fun


Fine Motor Counting Fun

I made these Rudolph cups after I saw a cute advent calendar on Pinterest (the cups were the right way round, to hold the gifts).

Rudolph Counting from Rachel (",)

(See how to make the glittery nuggets here.)

Fine Motor Counting Fun from Rachel (",)

Sparkly Pom-Pom Scoop and Transfer

This was harder than it looks for some of the children & they needed to use both hands…

Sparkly pom-pom scoop and transfer from Rachel (",)

‘Natural’ Tree Decorating

Tree decorating from Rachel (",)

Stamping Patterns

I encouraged the children to print from left to right…

Stamping patterns from Rachel (",)


Christmas Maths


Weighing Christmas Parcels & Ornaments

I wrapped these parcels 6 years ago & they’re still going strong! They are either empty boxes, bricks or rocks/stones. I covered them in sticky back plastic as well as paper, which is why they’ve lasted…

Weighing parcels and decorations from Rachel (",)

Counting Baubles

Again, something we did last year too…

Baubles and boxes - counting, sorting, numeral recognition... from Rachel (",)

Reindeer Number Games

We played various games with the Rudolph cups…

Reindeer counting from Rachel (",)

Number and pattern work

Number and pattern work from Rachel (",)

Sorting and One-to- One Correspondence

Sorting and one-to-one correspondence - from Rachel (",)


Exploring Reflections

Sorting the Christmas erasers last week led to some interesting discussions about the reflections. As a result of this, I set out some resources for the children to explore with the mirror…

Exploring Christmas reflections from Rachel (",)

Exploring Christmas reflections from Rachel (",)

Some of the resources migrated to the mirror box…

Exploring the mirror box - from Rachel (",)


Sparkly Dough

… with cake toppers…

Sparkly dough and cake toppers from Rachel (",)



The agate slices looked beautiful with the beaded garlands…

Lightbox exploration from Rachel (",)


Father Christmas ‘Convention’

We enjoyed creating little worlds for the Father Christmas cake toppers…

Fun with Christmas cake toppers from Rachel (",)


 Mark Making in Glittery Sand

Mark making in glitter from Rachel (",)


Printing with Christmas Cutters

Printing with Christmas cutters - from Rachel (",)


Free Printables

Just a reminder that I shared some free-to-download Christmas Printables in this post, which you may find useful…

Simple Christmas Printables from Rachel (",)


I might post a few photos on my Facebook Page, but will be having a ‘blog break’ over the Christmas period.

Enjoy the holidays!

Exploring reflections from Rachel (",)

Thanks for reading!

– Rachel (“,)


  1. Inspiring as always! Where do you find your plain coloured paper cups? I have various ideas I’d like to try out but can only ever find ones with patterns or characters on. I was very excited last week – some tweezers arrived – first time I’ve ever had any so we decorated Christmas trees using tweezers and our button collection – I was impressed by how much children kept coming back to it.

    • Thanks Hettie. Your tweezer activity sounds lovely (“,)
      The cups are from eBay. They are sold as disposable coffee/hot chocolate cups…

  2. Great post Rachel! I must pin it to come back to when we do another Christmas unit at the end of next year. And I read your recent post as well about your blog being just over a year old! Mine is about to turn one too! Such a great achievement to stick with it a whole year. Looking forward to continuing to follow along in 2015 🙂

    • Thanks for following, Lauren – & well done to you too for keeping up with your blog. Good luck for 2015 & I shall continue to follow Teacher Types (“,)

  3. I have been teaching for 23 years and just discovered you! You are my missing link of how to put together my jumbled ideas and materials! I am starting from scratch, and would love some advice on how to collect my materials, reimagine my space and start looking at my classroom learning in a different way. Everything you show is exciting, but a bit overwhelming for someone wanting to get started. Any advice on how to go about it? I have many of your materials but haven’t imagined using them and displaying them as you do. How did you start?

    • Hi Maria,
      Perhaps you should look at the resources you already have and start with just one area to begin with? Might be a little less overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch.
      If you don’t already have your resources organised in an easy-to-grab kind of way, I’d do that too.
      Not sure if that’s any help!

  4. Where did you get the wooden trees?

    • Its a chopping board – think it was from Home Bargains (UK), but it was a very long time ago.
      I also have some MDF trees from eBay.


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