Frosty Frolics Continued…

Frosty Frolics Continued…

After last week‘s engagement, we have continued with the frosty fun this week. Here are some of the opportunities we have explored…


Decorating Snowflakes

I made some simple snowflakes & then laminated them for the children to decorate with ‘frosty’ glass nuggets…

Decorating snowflakes from Rachel (",)

Decorating laminated snowflakes on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)


Strengthening Fingers

Hole punching snowflakes to develop strength in fingers…

Hole punching snowflakes... developing finger strength - from Rachel (",)

Adding numbers to the strips of paper added an extra challenge…

Hole punching snowflakes... developing finger strength and counting skills - from Rachel (",)


Maths Opportunities


Counting & Sorting Snowmen

I have a mixture of snowmen cake toppers, skittles, beads, pegs & craft embellishments, bought from online, eBay, craft or cake shops…

Snowmen to count and sort from Rachel (",)

These have been in the maths area for the children to sort, count & make patterns with…

Counting and sorting snowmen - from Rachel (",)


Counting Snowflakes

… onto simple numbered cards…

Simple snowflake counting from Rachel (",)

… & with snowflake decorations & wooden numbers…

Counting snowflakes - from Rachel (",)


Snowman Counting Game

We also played the snowman game which you can download here if you’d like a free copy 🙂

Snowman Counting (FREE printable) - from Rachel (",)


Transient Art Snowmen

They really enjoyed this!

Transient art snowmen from Rachel (",)


Sensory Hunt

The children used the cards to hunt for the various loose parts in the sensory tray…

Sensory hunt from Rachel (",)

Sensory hunt from Rachel (",)


Wintery Dough

Enhancements for wintery dough from Rachel (",)

Wintery dough from Rachel (",)


Small World Play Continued…

I think there may have been mutiny if I’d cleared away our ‘Frozen’ world from last week so, instead, I added extra princesses & princes so that they could enjoy the ‘Coronation’ just like the girls had played at the end of the week…

Frozen Small World - by Rachel (",)

Small world play from Rachel (",)


Mirror blocks & Loose Parts

Inspired by the girl’s creations last week, I put these on the table with a mirror to see what might be made this time…

Mirror blocks & loose parts from Rachel (",)


Light Box Patterns

Mark making patterns and glitter on the lightbox…

Mark-making pattern cards and glitter on the lightbox - from Rachel (",)


If you wish a copy of the pattern cards, you can find them here.


Lightbox Exploration

We were fascinated to see that the water beads we had in water tray last week…

Water beads from Rachel (",)

… looked a different colour on the lightbox…

Water beads on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


Mark Making Outdoors

A (tiny) little bit of snow led to some spontaneous mark making from one little boy…

Mark making outdoors from Rachel (",)


Busy, busy! 😉


Thanks for reading!

Ordering numbered 'snowballs' - from Rachel (",)

Ordering numbered ‘snowballs’.


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