Nice & Icy

Nice & Icy

Frozen & icy fun this week. When one little boy said, “Can we have a Frozen world?” at the end of term, I knew I could ignore it no longer! The music from the Disney film, ‘Frozen’ is still requested daily & I have captured their interests with all the usual resources – paper, little books, pencils etc, but I haven’t provided any specific Frozen-inspired areas this year.

Last year’s class enjoyed a few Frozen-related activities back in May, although it started from the interest in castles that had transpired at the time. This year we have enjoyed a few Frozen activities & the other ones relate more to the fact that it is now winter. Here are some of the things we have enjoyed…


Frozen-Inspired Small World Play

Don’t ask me why, but one PPA morning in December I decided to glitter some branches. It was very therapeutic & would be a nice activity to do with the children (I just used PVA glue & glitter). The photos don’t do them justice, but they are very pretty & I decided to add them to a ‘Frozen’ world to give a frosty feel…

Glittered branches for a Frozen world from Rachel (",)

My wonderful TA made me an ice palace with acetate sheets. This idea came from the fabulous Childhood 101

Frozen Small World - by Rachel (",)

The Frozen small world area was super popular! I wish I had  better camera so that I could take photos that would do justice…

A Frozen World from Rachel (",)

One little boy was particularly enamoured with the book. I loved watching him retell the story with the character figures…

Storybooks and small world characters - from Rachel (",)


Creating Snowflakes

Creating transient art on a mirror box is fascinating; there is so much discussion involved. I’d highly recommend that you make one if you haven’t already. Mine is simply three cheap Ikea mirrors gaffer-taped together. These battery operated candles were in the sale online & they add a lovely wintery feel to the area…

Creating snowflakes and other patterns - from Rachel (",)

Creating snowflakes and other patterns - from Rachel (",)


Counting Snowballs

Super-easy-to-make snowman cups with pom-pom ‘snowballs’ & tweezers for an extra fine-motor challenge…

Frosty Counting Finger Gym from Rachel (",)


Wintery Maths

Frosty maths from Rachel (",)

Felt Mittens

I saw this idea on To the Lesson about three years ago & made some felt mittens as a result. I didn’t use them last year so it was nice to get them out again.

Counting snowflakes onto felt mittens - from Rachel (",)

They are really easy to make & I managed to get a pair of mittens, a scarf & some scrap shapes out of one piece of felt. You can still buy the pieces of felt I used from Hobbycraft (only 50p each). The scarves are great for pattern work…

Pattern-making on felt scarves - from Rachel (",)


Counting on a Grid

I found these Frozen characters online a year or so ago. They are great for counting activities…

Counting on a grid - from Rachel (",)


Frozen Dough

Some frozen-coloured loose parts & puppets made from here on Red Ted Art…

Frozen dough enhancements using puppets from Red Ted Art - from Rachel (",)

Frozen Dough from Rachel (",)


Frosty Transient Art

Decorating line designs on a chalk board…

Decorating line designs with frosty colours - from Rachel (",)

…with frosty coloured loose parts…

Frosty coloured loose part for line design decorating - from Rachel (",)

Decorating line designs with frosty colours - from Rachel (",)

Some ‘free’ designs too…

Transient Art wit Frosty Colours from Rachel (",)


Melting the Frozen Hearts

I love freezing things in ice for the children to ‘free’…

Melting the frozen hearts from Rachel (",)


Icy Lightbox

… with ‘snowflake’ decorations & glass nuggets…

Snowflakes on the lightbox from Rachel (",)

Beaded garlands were added too…

Snowflakes on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


Building with Purpose

Three ‘Beginning of the Week’  girls decided to make ‘a castle for Elsa and Anna’. They were very industrious & spent ages arranging the mirror blocks & glittery nuggets

Building castles for Elsa and Anna - from Rachel (",)

At the end of the week, the girls decided that it was ‘Coronation Day’ in the land of Frozen & also created a castle. Extra princesses/princes were requested..

"It's Coronation Day!"... Frozen play from Rachel (",)


Water Tray

I ran out of blue water beads but the children didn’t seem to mind…

Exploring sensory water beads - from Rachel (",)


Winter Sensory Tub

We have had two sensory trays to explore, sort, count etc…

Wintery sensory tray from Rachel (",)


Wintery Sensory Tub from Rachel (",)


Freeing the Hearts

with tweezers…

Freeing the hearts by sorting them with tweezers - from Rachel (",)


Icicles on a Winter Tree

This tub of sticks was used as a Christmas tree before the holiday, but has now become a winter tree. The children threaded the ‘icicles’ & then hung them on the sticks…

Threading 'icicles' for our winter 'tree' - from Rachel (",)


A very busy week, thanks for reading!

Creating snowflakes and other patterns - from Rachel (",)

Decorated rabbit - from Rachel (",)



Thanks for reading!


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  1. Love it, as usual! I did a little bit of “melting/freezing” work last week, but am saving some of the winter activities until February–thank you so much for the inspiration, as usual! I am also using some of your owl activities, as we are doing a forest animal theme/project for the next few weeks. Again, thank you so much!

    • Oh Chris, thank you for that comment! You’ll have to let me know how you get on with your winter activities 😀

  2. WOW! Frozen world looks amazing!! You and your TA are so creative!!

    Just wondering, where are the figures from that are on your counting on a grid activity? Also, I’ve never used water beads before and was wanting to give it a go…can they be re-used, and any ideas on best places to get them from?

    Thanks, Hayley x

    • Thank you! 😀
      The water beads I have used haven’t been reusable, but they last for ages. The ones in this post start this size (rather than ‘growing’ from tiny beads) & can be kept for up to 4 weeks, so I guess if you had somewhere to store them to you could reuse them.
      As for the little frozen characters, well I’m in the process of going through my emails to find the correct link. I get lots of questions about them (& the other characters I have) but I bought them over a year ago & have since deleted my eBay history. As soon as I get to the right email I’ll post the link on my Facebook page, which is: 🙂

      • Thanks for the inspiration Rachel, I am always on the look out for things m this week I got some great snowman shaped cake tins in a supermarket sale – great minds think alike 😉 I am rubbish at searching for things online / on auction sites I never seem to find the correct terms I am looking for to put in the search boxes ! I love those Frozen character maths manipulatives you found , I have been looking for some for the past 11 months !

        • I think I spend far too long online etc. I need some work/life balance! 😉
          As soon as I find that ‘manipulatives’ link I’ll post it.

  3. Also like your snowman cups idea been looking for snowman cups, didn’t think about making my own ! Thanks again!

    • You are very welcome! 😀


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