Winter Wonderment Goes On…

Winter Wonderment Goes On…

The children have really been enjoying these winter-inspired activities, so we’ve had a few more this week. I haven’t had much time to put this post together , but hopefully you’ll get the idea from the photos!


Maths Fun

Counting, sorting, pattern making and number recognition from Rachel (",)


Numbered Penguins

A few years ago I saw some numbered penguins online, but then when I needed them couldn’t find them again, so I made my own. This year we’ve used them with little glass fish…

Number recognition game (FREE printable) from Rachel (",)

I got the glass fish a long, long time ago, but you could use any loose parts as the counting manipulative…

Number recognition game (FREE printable) from Rachel (",)

If you would like to download a copy of the penguins, they are here: Penguins 1-10 from Rachel (“,)


Finger Gym

A couple of activities this week…

Threading and decorating on Finger Gym - from Rachel (",)

Once again, I used the Frozen images from Red Ted Art. This time though, I enlarged them (twice) & then laminated & hole punched them to make threading cards. They were super popular!

Threading Frozen characters - from Rachel (",)

Using fine motor skills to decorate numbers – an activity I have done before, but not with this group of children…

Using fine motor skills to decorate numbers - from Rachel (",)

After the interest in this activity waned a little, I swapped it to snowflake decorating on a mirror. I used dry wipe pens on mirrors last year, but haven’t done it with this class & when I saw this snowflake idea on Happy Hooligans I thought they might enjoy it. As always, the mirror added that extra dimension to their play & they talked about the reflections as they traced the lines with the loose parts.

Snowflakes on a mirror from Rachel (",)


Land of Polar Bears

I only needed to tweak the Frozen World for this, so it didn’t take long to set up.

Land of Polar Bears from Rachel (",)

As I knew that there would be a few children sad to see the Frozen World from the last couple of weeks, I set up a smaller one for them…

Temporary small 'Frozen' world from Rachel (",)


Snow Dough

Snow dough fun from Rachel (",)


Penguin World

I love the story ‘Cuddly Dudley’ & set up a little world of penguins after we read it.

Penguin World from Rachel (",)


Numbers on the Lightbox

The children have much more control writing numbers with their fingers than pencils at the moment!

Numbers in the 'snow' on the lightbox - from Rachel (",)


Patterns in the ‘Snow’

Really simple to set up, but the patterns were very effective.

Patterns in the 'snow' from Rachel (",)

Patterns in the 'snow' from Rachel (",)

Doilies on the OHP

They reminded us of snowflakes…

Doilies on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Numbers & Light

Magnetic numbers from the maths area also migrated to the OHP for a while…

Numbers on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Thawing Frozen Anna

I saw this idea on Pinterest. The children have had lots of experience of ‘releasing’ frozen objects, but they never lose interest in it.

Thawing Anna from Rachel (",)


Water Tray

Not the best of photos, but the children loved playing in the soap flakes – it was very slimy!

Soap flakes in the water tray from Rachel (",)


Mark Making in Shaving Foam

Mark making in shaving foam from Rachel (",)


Sensory walking on ‘Ice’

… well, bubble wrap really. The bubbles were super-strong though so it was great fun walking on the soft, slippery surface. It took ages for the bubbles to pop!

Sensory walking on 'ice' from Rachel (",)

Thanks for reading!

Pile-on, on the OHP - from Rachel (",)

Simple mark making from Rachel (",)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hi Rachel
    Thank you as always for your totally inspiring ideas.
    I thought the snow patterns would work well in my Reception class where I am always looking for new ways of exploring symmetry. Can I ask what you used for the snow?
    Best wishes

    • Thank you, Kim! 😀

  2. Rachel, you never cease to amaze me! You are so incredibly creative and I find it so inspirational. Thankyou for sharing your special gift with the world. I hope to be as creative as you in the future. You come up with so many amazing ideas, even just on the Frozen theme. I also hope to build up my resources like you one day, as I have only been teaching kindy for 3 years. Thank you. x

    • What a gorgeous comment, Julie, thank you!
      You know, I get lots of my inspiration from the wonderful practitioners out there who share the things they do. We’re so lucky to have so many ways to view each other’s practice. When I started teaching, we didn’t have the internet as a resource & I don’t think we appreciate it nearly as much as we should! As for resources, well I’d hate to add up how much I’ve spent over the years, but wherever possible I do try to buy open-ended things that can be used in lots of ways.
      Thank you again for your wonderful comment (“,) xx

  3. Wow! You have such amazing ideas! Great to see such inspiring and high quality provision. The kids in your class must leap out of bed on school days! :))

    • Oh wow, thank you Janet! 😀

  4. I love it. Thanks to show me another way to teach. I´m fan of you, if you need something from Spain, here I am

    • Thank you 🙂

  5. Wow, how creative!! Thank you for sharing. What size did you print the frozen characters please for the lacing? Did you use normal paper or cardstock? Thank you.

    • I enlarged from A4 to A3 first (normal paper), then did the same thing again – although I obviously had to shift the paper & do it a few times to get all the characters.
      Then I cut them out & laminated them.
      Then cut them out again (leaving a laminate edge so that they wouldn’t peel open) before hole punching. Hope that helps! (“,)

  6. Hello Rachel, some lovely ideas here, really inspiring. I have just bought a 2nd hand OHP, and it works, but it gets quite hot around the bulb. How do you manage that in the classroom setting, please?

    • I have taught my children to switch it off when it’s not in use. Took a while, but they’re really good at it now 🙂

  7. Thank you Rachel for these great ideas , I am struggling to make maths fun at nursery and the penguin idea is great the children love it ! 🙂

    • You are very welcome, Keeley! 🙂

  8. Hi Rachel. What did you use for the children to write in with their fingers on the lightbox? Is it PVA in a zippy wallet?
    Thanks for your inspiring ideas!

    • Hi Leanne,
      It’s a sort of snowy glitter from either B&M or Home Bargains (UK – bought at Christmas time, I think) in a lid from a tray of Ferrero Rocher 🙂


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