We started making our Mother’s Day cards last week (I like to be organised!) & were talking about things & people we love. I don’t always make a big thing of Valentine’s Day, but as the children were interested in the discussion we’ve had a bit of a focus on hearts this week (actually, we started some of the activities at the end of last week).

Here are some of the opportunities we’ve enjoyed…


As well as classic books like ‘Guess How Much I Love You’, we also enjoyed looking at the photographs in these two beautiful books…

Two gorgeous books shared by Rachel (",)


Maths Opportunities

– in the Maths area…

Heart-related maths opportunities from Rachel (",)

– with playing cards….

Counting hearts from Rachel (",)

– with a counting grid & heart buttons (the link to the free grid is at the bottom of this post)…

Counting hearts (free printable grid) from Rachel (",)

– with numbered hearts (again, the link to the free numbered hearts is at the bottom of this post)…

Number recognition (free printable) from Rachel (",)

– & simple number bonds on heart doilies (for those who are ready!)…

Simple number bonds from Rachel (",)


Hearty Fine Motor Fun


Hanging Hearts!

Hanging hearts using fine-motor skills from Rachel (",)


Dotty Hearts and Push Pins

They really enjoyed this & spent a long time focusing on it – great for hand-eye co-ordination as well as fine-motor skills!

Dotty hearts and push pins from Rachel (",)

Threading Laminated Hearts

I made these a couple of years ago, but they’re still going strong…

Threading hearts from Rachel (",)

Heart Pegs

This repeating pattern was completely independent! The heart pegs were found in Lakeland.

Fine motor skills and heart pegs from Rachel (",)


Valentine Sensory Tub

Exploring a Valentine Sensory Tub from Rachel (",)

Hole Punching Hearts

Punching hearts from Rachel (",)

Timed Fine-Motor Transfer Challenge

Timed fine-motor transfer challenge from Rachel (",)

Threading on Wire

Only a few children managed this – it required great concentration, hand-eye co-ordination & fine-motor skills!

Super fine-motor threading - from Rachel (",)


Transient Art

The wooden heart chopping boards were from Home Bargains, I think, but were bought last year.

Transient Heart Art from Rachel (",)

Transient Heart Art from Rachel (",)


Things we Love

Superheroes & princesses were special requests this week…

Things we love - from Rachel (",)


Mirror Box

I love my homemade mirror box!

Mirror box fun from Rachel (",)


Chocolate Dough

It smelled yummy!

Chocolate dough from Rachel (",)


Cloud Dough

You can make cloud dough using 8 parts flour to 1 part baby oil, but this was actually shop-bought, donated by a parent of one of my ‘End of the Week’ children. Gorgeous experience!

Creating with sensory moon dough from Rachel (",)



Decorating laminated hearts, making patterns, finding out how many filled each heart etc, etc…

Hearts on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


Don’t forget that I shared some free Heart Printables in this post 🙂

Heart Printables from Rachel (",)


Happy half term, if you’ve finished for a week now 🙂

Thanks for reading!

– Rachel (“,)


  1. As inspiring as ever, thank you. I used the ‘broken hearts’ printables and the children loved them.

    • Oh, that’s great, Jane! 😀 x

  2. There are so many lovely ideas here. I particularly like the hole punching hearts and dotty hearts and pins – simple but really effective. Can I ask where you get your brown colour for the dough?

    • I usually mix red & green together, but in this case it was brown colouring from Lakeland 🙂


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