The Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo!

A couple of weeks ago, one of the children went on a ‘Gruffalo’ trail & then another child came to school in a Gruffalo jumper. This lead to interesting conversation & although I would normally consider the fabulous story to be better linked with autumn, I couldn’t ignore it. So we’ve had two weeks of enjoying activities linked with the famous books…

Here are a few of the things we’ve experienced…


Story Telling

… in the Small World area…

Gruffalo Small World play from Rachel (",)

It was a really popular area & I loved listening to their story telling 🙂

Gruffalo Small World play from Rachel (",)

& story telling with story stones…

Gruffalo story stones from Rachel (",)

A few people have asked how story stones are made – mine are just pictures glued on with PVA. Then I seal them with a couple of coats of PVA over the top too.


Fine Motor

We’ve explored a few activities… some simple threading, loom bands with one of my natural geoboards & adding ‘prickles’ (pegs) to Gruffalo images. The image was taken from the finger puppets activity available on Gruffalo website – I just cut the prickles off before I laminated them.


Finger Gym Activities from Rachel (",)


Maths Fun

Counting, sorting, ordering and pattern making…

Counting, sorting, ordering and patten making from Rachel (",)

Owl Game

Out it came again…

Owl game from Rachel (",)

If you wish a copy of the game, it’s free to download in this post.

Homemade Game

We used a blank game board from The Early Excellence Centre & some small world animals to create this game…

Gruffalo game from Rachel (",)


Gruffalo Dough

We had great fun with this – I loved their creations!

Play dough Gruffalos from Rachel (",)

… when I asked why this was in the microwave, I was told they were making ‘Gruffalo Crumble’!

Gruffalo Crumble from Rachel (",)



Woodland animals on the homemade lightbox…

Woodland animals on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


Mark Making

…in soil – my intention was to do this outdoors, but the metal tray better showed the ‘marks’…

Mark making in soil - from Rachel (",)

… & with chalk on stones. They loved being able to wash it away & start again…

Mark making with chalk on stones from Rachel (",)


Outdoor Fun

Transient Art

Super simple!

Transient art outdoors from Rachel (",)

Gruffalo Hunt…

This was fun!

Gruffalo Hunt from Rachel (",)

Role Play

Apparently this is a Gruffalo cave… 😉

Gruffalo cave from Rachel (",)

Shadow Play

The Gruffalo’s Child led to discussions about shadow & so we explored them a little outside.

Exploring shadows from Rachel (",)

Building with rainbow blocks in the sunshine is beautiful! We loved the colours!

Exploring shadows from Rachel (",)



Fairy Forest

One of the boys was desperate to play with fairies after enjoying a library book, so this little fairy ‘forest’ was for him – it was popular with lots of the children though. We wondered if there might be fairies in the Gruffalo’s forest…

Fairy Forest from Rachel (",)


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'Spotted' enjoying a book - from Rachel (",)

‘Spotted’ enjoying a quiet moment…


– Rachel (“,)

A play dough Gruffalo shared by Rachel (",)

“His eyes are orange, his tongue is black…”




  1. If there are ever any jobs going with you, you will let me know won’t you?! 😉

    • Haha, ok Hettie! 😉 xx

  2. Rachel,

    These photos and descriptions of related activities just floored me! I am so excited about your approach to early childhood education/play!! I hope I can find similarly stimulating places around here for my son.

    • Ah, thanks for the lovely comment, Eleni!
      Good luck in the search for your son’s education! 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel
    Fabulous activities that no doubt created high level engagement. Who did you observe or did you manage to get obs on the whole class?

    • The adults work in the areas with the children, rather than sitting at a table and pulling the children away from what they are doing, so photos are taken of the whole class.


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