Spring-y Easter

Spring-y Easter

Well the children loved last week’s Pirate work so much that we actually kept lots of the continuous provision this week. However, we have also enjoyed a few Easter & spring-type activities (if you want to see what we got up to for spring last year, you can see it here). I suspect it is a bit ‘late’ to be sharing this with you as it is Easter Sunday tomorrow, but you’ll just have to bookmark it like my Chinese New Year post 😉


Sensory Fun

Spring-y Basket

I shredded sheets of tissue paper before adding them to the basket with eggs & spring animals. They loved exploring this – & yes, the tissue did end up all over the floor!

Spring-y basket from Rachel (",)

Spring-y Tray

I bought this grass ‘stuff’ from a pound shop last year & never got round to using it. Small world play in this tray.

Spring-y tray from Rachel (",)


Easter & Spring Maths Fun

Feeding the Sheep…

These ‘Shaun the Sheep’ bowls were given to me by one of our TAs a few weeks ago. I put them to one side thinking that they would be handy for this counting & simple number-combining activity…

Simple counting and addition from Rachel (",)

Patterns on Eggs

We were much more elaborate with our egg patterning last year (see this post), but as we had so much else going on in the classroom, I wanted to keep it simple.

Patterns on eggs from Rachel (",)

Patterns on eggs from Rachel (",)

Sorting, Counting, Number Recognition and Pattern Making

I’ve had these little egg ‘counters’ for a year or so, but we used them for the first time here. I’ve shared the link for where I purchased them on my Facebook Page here 🙂

Sorting, counting, number recognition and pattern making from Rachel (",)

Simple Number Recognition and Counting

Simple number recognition and counting from Rachel (",)

Counting and Simple Addition

Counting and simple addition from Rachel (",)


Exploring Eggs

I have some beautiful eggs, collected over the years, from craft shops mainly. They are lovely to feel & hold as well as look at…

Exploring eggs from Rachel (",)

Exploring eggs from Rachel (",)

Egg Games

Numbered egg cups & unfinished eggs…

Egg Games from Rachel (",)



Eggs on the Tree

Fine-motor fun…

Eggs on the tree from Rachel (",)


Spring Blossom Trees on the Lightbox

We’ve often had twigs & green glass nuggets/pebbles, but I used pink & lilac nuggets this time, & also pink buttons…

Spring blossom trees on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


Numbered Eggs in the Water Tray

– with colanders & slotted spoons…

Numbered eggs in the water tray from Rachel (",)


Transient Art

You know how I love it! My parents have recently redone their bathrooms & this mirror was no longer needed. The oval shape reminded me of an egg & I thought it would be a nice base for some transient art…

Transient art on an 'egg' shaped mirror from Rachel (",)

Mirror art from Rachel (",)


Easter hols for us now… time for a break! 🙂


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Fantastic ideas yet again. You are so inspirational. Thank you so much. I realise when I had a recent home clear out before some building work that I threw out so much stuff that I’ve spotted on your site which I should have saved. We are now collecting wooden dishes etc. and starting to build up a supply of useful things. We haven’t got a lot of storage space but are thinking of ways around it. Thank you again for sharing. You are keeping me and my staff on our toes with your brilliant ideas.

    • What a lovely comment, Christine, thank you!
      I often joke that early years teachers are ‘hoarders’ – so many things that you might not want at home anymore are useful in school (one man’s trash etc etc). Storage is always an issue though, isn’t it 🙁
      Enjoy the weekend x

  2. Hi Rachel, thanks for sharing these lovely ideas. I love the transient art. I’ve just started at a new nursery and definitely want to include a transient art station. You’ve given me loads of great ideas over the last few months – thanks again xx

    • Aw, I’m so pleased! I absolutely love transient art! Have fun! 😀 xx

    • Haha, thanks James. I’m not a fan of Macdonalds, but that’s where they’re from. I think my TA said they were from Big Macs 😉

  3. Wow fantastic ideas I especially the love the nests where are they from please? My four year old still says 6 instead of 4 not really sure why so this would be a fab idea.

    • They’re from Hobbycraft (UK) – I’ve had mine for a few years, but I think they do them every year. They were £1 each in the shops when I looked last week 🙂

  4. Such lovely ideas as always! Please could you let me know where you got the eggs used for the counting and number recognition? Thanks

    • They we from eBay a long, long time ago. I’m afraid the seller doesn’t appear to be on there anymore though.


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