Snakes, Worms & Bugs!

Snakes, Worms & Bugs!

Discovering worms under a storage box outside lead to a bit of play around snakes, worms & bugs. As a result we have enjoyed these opportunities this week…


Finger Gym

Worms and snakes on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)

Stick Worms 

This idea came from My Creative Days. We’ve wrapped sticks in wool before, but have never done it with pipe-cleaners. Great for fine motor skills!

Stick worms (wrapping sticks with pipe-cleaners) from Rachel (",)

Threading Button Snakes

Threading button snakes from Rachel (",)

Undirected, some chose to thread the buttons onto the pipe cleaners as well as the laces…

Button snakes from Rachel (",)


Maths Opportunities

Counting with Snakes, Spiders & Bottle Top Ladybirds

Counting with snakes, spiders and ladybirds - from Rachel (",)

Number Snakes

Number snakes from Rachel (",)

Numbered Legless Spiders

Adding legs to match the numbers. A couple of bright children had the opportunity to talk about how many legs the spider would need to make it up to 8…

Numbered legless spiders from Rachel (",)

If you would like a copy of the spiders, you can download them here: Spider without legs from Rachel (“,)

Number Recognition, Counting & Simple Addition

We used my homemade bees & ladybirds for this activity…

Number recognition, counting & very simple addition from Rachel (",)

Snake Game

A simple counting & number recognition game.

Snake game from Rachel (",)

If you wish a copy of the Snake Game, you can download it here: Snake Games from Rachel (“,)  It’s very ‘rough & ready’, but includes some with printed numbers & some blank, in case you wish to handwrite your numbers as I have done in the picture above (or use shapes, letters, whatever!). It also includes a ‘reversed’ image.

Ladybird Game

This is a game I made a loooong time ago. Another simple roll the dice & cover the number activity…

Ladybird game from Rachel (",)

If you would like a copy of my ladybird game, you can download it here: Ladybird Game from Rachel (“,)


Snakes and Ladders

I forgot to take in my Snakes & Ladders game & so downloaded this one from Craft ‘N’ Home here.

Snakes and Ladders game from Craft 'N' Home - shared by Rachel (",)


Buggy World

Buggy world from Rachel (",)


Sandy Snakes

Sandy snakes from Rachel (",)


Patterns & Measure with Play Dough

This idea was inspired by Learn with Play at Home  – we had great fun creating patterned worms & snakes & comparing the lengths…

Play dough snakes and worms for pattern and length work from Rachel (",)


Spiders in Soap Flakes

Soap flakes and spiders from Rachel (",)


5 Little Speckled Frogs

I painted my ladybird & bee rocks last year (see below), but I made these frogs after seeing some on the Muddy Faces Facebook page. Theirs are far more gorgeous, but mine still do the job 😉

5 little speckled frogs (painted rocks) from Rachel (",)

I added numbers to the song the second time we sang it, to reinforce number recognition…

5 little speckled frogs (painted rocks) with numbers from Rachel (",)


Ladybird & Bee Hunt

I wish the children were as good at finding their abandoned bits & pieces as they were these rock bugs! 😉

Ladybird and bee hunt outdoors from Rachel (",)


Exploring Reflections

My homemade triangular prism mirror box was put to good use with the snakes, ladybirds & bees…

Exploring reflections from Rachel (",)


Ladybird, Bee & Frog Play

I left my homemade ladybirds and bees & also my rock bees & ladybirds out & this is what happened…

Wooden and rock ladybirds, bees and frogs play from Rachel (",)

I made the bees & ladybirds last year, using white cobbles bought from B&Q & tester pot paints from Wilko (normal interior wall paint). Then I varnished them with satin varnish. I know they’re a year old but they are chipping a little in places, so I should maybe have used a couple of coats of varnish. The frogs were made in the same way, but with tester pots from B&Q this time.


Transient Art

… with natural materials and butterflies…

Transient art with natural materials and butterflies from Rachel (",)


Phonics Play

A bit of ‘abandoned’ phonics play…

Phonics play from Rachel (",)


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Snakes, worms and bugs from Rachel (",)

Fab t-shirt to be wearing this week!


– Rachel (“,)



  1. Lovely as always. How do you manage re-setting things like the finger gym and maths activities. This is something I find really tricky. I set up an activity which half a dozen children do, learn from and enjoy but then of course no one else does because it’s been done and I can’t stay on top of it myself.

    • Hi Hettie. There are some days when the area looks ‘trashed’ really quickly, aren’t there?! I think that because I move round the areas (rather than sitting with a directed) group, I manage to roughly tidy as I move.
      Also, I am lucky enough to have a few ‘grown up’ children who do quite a good job of sorting out areas for me. These are usually my Early Starter children (who start in the Jan, so have had longer to be ‘trained’).
      If the children bring me things they’ve done to show me, I take a photo & then ask them to put all the bits in the right place. They’re happy to do this as they know there’s a photo which will go in their Learning Journey.
      I just have 20 children at any one time too, which helps!!
      My new classroom will be a bit bigger, so we’ll see if I manage to keep on top of it as well then!

  2. Made the ladybirds at the weekend using Wilko paint as suggested. Children were well impressed and loved them. Parents really surprised how bright they were as one Mum said she always used acrylic paint and never got such brilliant colour. Passed on your Wilko tip. Everyone is taking the mick out of me. I think they think I am becoming your stalker as everything I have introduced lately seems to be something from your brilliant site. Thanks once again. Green paint next for frogs!

    • What a gorgeous comment, Christine! 😀
      So glad your ladybirds turned out well. Good luck with the frogs! 😉

  3. Love these! I’m featuring the ladybug rocks tomorrow for Share It Saturday! Thanks for linking up!

    • Thank you very much, Devany! 🙂


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