The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

After our wild animal play last week, one of the girls brought in a book she had borrowed from the library – ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. As a result, we’ve enjoyed a few activities that link with the story…


Small World Safari Park

Safari park in the small world area from Rachel (",)

Safari park in the small world area from Rachel (",)


Anyone for Tea?

The children absolutely loved my wooden cakes & biscuits! They have numbers on the bottom of them – handy for sneaking in a bit of number recognition 😉

Tea and cake from Rachel (",)


Maths Opportunities

Counting, Number Recognition and Repeating Patterns 

Counting, number recognition and repeating patterns from Rachel (",)

Counting and Very Simple Addition 

Counting and very simple addition from Rachel (",)


Weaving & Threading at the Finger Gym

– with tiger colours…

Weaving and threading on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)


Play Dough Tea Party

Play dough tea party from Rachel (",)


Water Tray


Well, coffee extract really…

Coffee in the water tray from Rachel (",)

Fruit Tea Bags

Really popular!

Fruit tea in the water tray from Rachel (",)


Spooning Loose Tea & Coffee

Using fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to spoon tea and coffee from Rachel (",)


Transferring Suger Lumps

Thank you, Natalie (@natjkent), for my gorgeous tongs! 😉

Transferring sugar cubes using tongs from Rachel (",)


Sensory Experiences

Patterns in Shaving Foam

The intention was to make tiger-like patterns in the foam, but what actually happened was that they had a great time mixing it altogether…

Shaving foam and colour from Rachel (",)

Coffee, Tea & Sugar

This was a lovely sensory experience  & was very popular…

Sensory fun with tea, coffee and sugar from Rachel (",)

Sensory fun with sugar, tea and coffee from Rachel (",)

Cooking Outdoors

We took the shaving foam outside with the sugar, tea & coffee mix to ‘cook’ with…

Cooking outdoors with sugar, tea, coffee and shaving foam from Rachel (",)


Small World Mirror Play Outdoors

We loved exploring the reflections in the mirror!

Small world play on a mirror outdoors from Rachel (",)



Loose tea & mark making pattern cards.

Mark making in loose tea on the lightbox from Rachel (",)

You may have already downloaded the cards from my Bonfire post back in November, but if not, you can download them here too: Mark making Pattern Cards from Rachel (“,)


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Tiger Dress

Tiger Dress

– Rachel (“,)

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  1. Just to say thank you for your wonderful ideas, had a great afternoon yesterday following your ideas for the Tiger Who Came To Tea, with the addition of making non cook playdough. Children took a sample home because of all their hard work. Snack time tried fruit tea, even the fussy eaters. Many thanks.

    • That sounds wonderful, Sara! 😀


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