Rocks, Stones & Pebbles

Rocks, Stones & Pebbles

I thought I’d share some of the play we’ve enjoyed with rocks, stones & pebbles. Some of it from this week, some from other times. They are images I haven’t shared with you before, although there are many other examples  in other posts, if you search ‘stones’…


I’ve shared this photo on my Instagram page – one of our little boys (obsessed with stones) decided that the ‘here’ bowl was not the best place for our name stones. It made me smile 😉

Name stones pile-up from Rachel (",)


Building Stone Cairns

There are so many wonderful examples of this online. The children enjoyed looking through pictures before building their own…

Building stone cairns from Rachel (",)

Building stone cairns from Rachel (",)

This stone circle was created independently by one of the boys. I have no idea where he got the idea from…

Independently created stone circle from one of my 4 year olds - shared by Rachel (",)


Finger Gym

I finally got round to making some ‘white line’ pebbles, a craze originally started by ‘I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!’. Lots of people have taken inspiration from her fabulous idea and I’ve seen so many more examples of it, but particularly enjoyed the post from You Clever Monkey.

Line stones and precious stones on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)

We’ve really enjoyed creating patterns with them – one of the boys even made a ‘treasure map’!

Line stones and precious stones on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)


Maths Opportunities

Stones, Pattern and Number

I put out my pattern stones along with the pattern dice and some plain stones & pebbles.

Stones, pattern and number from Rachel (",)

Stones, pattern and number from Rachel (",)

Number Cards

Different ways of working with a tray of number cards, pebbles and sand…

Number play from Rachel (",)

Sorting Rocks & PebblesSorting stones from Rachel (",)


… with my painted rock ladybirds & bees. The idea for the tiles came from Pinterest – there are lots of examples!

Tic-tac-toe with tiles and painted rocks from Rachel (",)


Patterns in the Sand

Rocks, stones, pebbles and sand - from Rachel (",)


Patterns in Play Dough

Simple dough with stones from Rachel (",)


Transient Art with Rocks, Stones & Pebbles

Talking them for a walk…

This was collaborative work, but was started by the same boy who piled up the name stones…

Taking stones for a walk from Rachel (",)

In Empty Frames

Stones in empty frames from Rachel (",)

Stones in empty frames from Rachel (",)


Painting Rocks with Water

This was something we enjoyed doing last year & I knew the children would love it this year too…

Painting rocks with water from Rachel (",)


Rock Pets

I just put a few bits & pieces out for this & let the children loose…

Rock pets from Rachel (",)


Agate Slices on the Lightbox

They look so beautiful!

Agate slices on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


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  1. Hi, I tried making the white line pebbles. I tried a paint marker and a chalk marker and both seem to chip off with only minimal use in my preschool classroom. I put modge podge on the stones to try and protect them and it didn’t work. The modge podge didn’t dry completely clear and it started to peel off anyway. Never seen that happen before! Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Oh I’m so sorry, I’ve no idea! Mine are a few years old now & still going strong!
      I know that some people have used paint instead, so maybe that’s a thought?

      • Thank you for your response! Would you mind sharing which type of marker you used and if your stones are smooth (like mine) or more rough on the surface. Trying to figure out if that has anything to do with it! Thanks, again!

  2. Hello,

    I’m working on an article for Scholastic Teacher magazine. In each issue, Teacher compiles lesson ideas on specific topics to share with teachers. (Readers total about 100,000 K-8 teachers in print and many more online.)

    I’m currently working on ideas for outdoor activities for grades K-1. I came across your Stone Ideas and would love to include one or two of these activities. They are so creative! I’m reaching out to ask your permission for me to summarize the lesson and quote from your blog post. I’m on a tight deadline and, as such, would appreciate your response by Friday, March 10.

    Please also send along the following information for me to include:
    Full name (as you’d like to see it published):
    Grade you teach:
    School where you teach and city/state:
    Would you like for me to include your blog’s name (and link to it in the online version of the article)?
    Anything you’d like to add about the activity:
    A photo of the activity w/a photo credit

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    • Hello there,
      Sorry for the delayed reply; I haven’t got home from school before 8pm very the last couple of days. I will reply to the email address you provided 🙂

    • I have just tried sending an email to the address you provided, but it has been returned with an error message, so I’m not sure if you put the correct address. If you re-comment with a correct address, I can re-send the email 🙂


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