Calming Activities

Calming Activities

The summer holiday has arrived. Phew!

I need to lie down in a  darkened room after the last two weeks!

With this in mind, I thought I’d share a few therapeutic, calming activities…


Patterns in Coloured Sand

Fingers as well as paintbrushes, feathers, sticks & honey dippers are lovely to move through a tray of sand. Here, I have the sand on a mirror, so reflections are discovered too…

Patterns in coloured sand from Rachel (",)


‘Zen’ Tray

More patterns in sand…

Zen-type sand play from Rachel (",)

Zen-type sand play from Rachel (",)


Spooning Pulses

The children can spend ages doing this. Great for fine-motor skills & hand-eye coordination too! Over time, they become more accurate with the ‘delivery’ & we have less on the table & floor…

Spooning pulses from Rachel (",)


Spooning Sand

Spooning white sand from Rachel (",)


Therapeutic Stone Play

Arranging stones in patterns can be so calming – I love transient art & I love stones, so this is very therapeutic for me!

Therapeutic stone play from Rachel (",)


Calming Sand and Shell Play 

Calming sand and shell play from Rachel (",)


Calming Play Dough

Here, I’ve used vanilla scented dough with Star Anise, Cinammon Sticks, Casia Bark & an acrylic mirror…

Calming play dough experience from Rachel (",)


Simple Sensory Bottles 

I’ve made lots of discovery bottles over the years. These particular ones are simply water, glitter, food colouring & vegetable oil…

Simple sensory bottles from Rachel (",)


Sensory Play with Lavender Bath Salts 

Check for allergies first!

Sensory play with lavender bath salts from Rachel (",)


Sensory Lightbox Play

This is cheap hair gel (15p a pot from Tesco) and food colouring. I would usually use ziplock bags (& then put tape over the zip), but I didn’t have any to hand in this case, so used clear punched pocket thingymbobs. I had to double-bag them & tape carefully, as there are lots of tiny holes along the edges…

Cheap hair gel and food colouring bags on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


Calming Cloud Dough

– made with 8 cups of flour, 1 cup of baby oil (or use vegetable oil) & a tablespoon of purple powder paint. You can add a few drops of flavouring/essential oil too, if you wish it to have a particular scent…

Calming cloud dough from Rachel (",)


Painting with Water

The children love painting with water…


Painting outside with water from Rachel (",)


Painting stones with water from Rachel (",)


Painting chalkboards with water from Rachel (",)

Tracing over chalk with water from Rachel (",)


Sand Timers

Of course, there is always the simple sand timer – watching the sand run through can be quite calming…

Watching simple sand timers to help calm down from Rachel (",)

Five weeks until we move into our new school. I’m not sure if I’ll blog again before then, but keep an eye out on my FacebookInstagramTwitter &  Pinterest pages for any new images I may share.

Calming Activities from Rachel (",)

.– Rachel (“,)


  1. Thanks for all your great ideas this term, I found you after you started on Instagram! Good luck with the move to new premises. Hope you have a relaxing break……hopefully the weather will improve! I finished on Thursday and it hasn’t stopped raining since then ☔️

    • Thanks Joanne! The sun is shining at the moment. I just hope that the new premises are finished on time!! 😉 Have a lovely summer ☀️ x

  2. I’m feeling calmer just reading this post, lol! I wish some of these ideas worked with my daughter, but she seems immune to calming activities!

    • Haha! Oh dear, Emma – you’ll just have to calm yourself instead 😉

  3. thanks so much for those so great ideas !

    • You’re welcome, Sylvie 🙂

  4. My Nursery class are a ver… busy bunch, so I think I’m going to use some of these ideas for when they need some time to sit and calm down! Thanks a lot!

    • Hope you enjoy them, Kael! 🙂


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