Lots of Lines

Lots of Lines

I am sharing a few activities linked with lines and pattern this week – some we’ve done over the past few days & some from other times in the year. Although I have obviously done lots of activities over the years linked with lines or pattern & I can’t possibly include them all here!  I am sharing images I haven’t shared before in this post, but some of the popular things I’ve already shared can be seen in this image…

Other line and pattern ideas from Rachel (",)

I am regularly asked about the pattern / mark making / early handwriting cards you see in the above image. You can download them here: Mark making Pattern Cards from Rachel (“,)

Note that they are hand drawn, so if you are looking for fancy computerised images you will be disappointed! 😉


Line Designs and Loose Parts

An old favourite! The children created their own transient art too…

Interchangeable line designs and loose parts from Rachel (",)

Line Designs and Loose Parts from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Development


Threading - pasta and straws from Rachel (",)

Dyed pasta

(Onto laces or pipe-cleaners.)

Threading coloured pasta onto laces or pipe-cleaners from Rachel (",)

Snipped Straws onto String

Snipping straws and threading onto string - from Rachel (",)

Spirals & Other Patterns

Spirals and other Patterns (free printable) from Rachel (",)

The children used their fine-motor skills (& hand-eye coordination) to place the glass pebbles onto the spirals & patterns…

Spirals and other Patterns (free printable) from Rachel (",)

If you wish a copy of the images I have used, you may download them here: Spirals and other patterns from Rachel (“,)

Please note that they are handmade & not perfect! You will need to enlarge the spirals, unless you have very small loose parts


Patterns on the Mirror Box 

We did something similar with acetate sheets on the mirror box – tricky to get photos though!!

Patterns on acetate sheets on the mirror box from Rachel (",)


Maths Opportunities

Provocation to Create Patterns

Provocation to create patterns from Rachel (",)


Craft sticks, matchsticks and coloured cotton buds from Rachel (",)

Pattern resources – craft sticks, matchsticks and coloured cotton buds…

Cotton Buds Dipped in Paint

Cotton buds dipped in paint & used for pattern-making, matching & shape activities - from Rachel (",)

Patterns with Craft Sticks, Matchsticks and Coloured Cotton Buds
Patterns with craft sticks, matchsticks and coloured cotton buds from Rachel (",)

Velcro on Craft Sticks

Velcro on craft sticks from Rachel (",)

Simple Pattern Making

Simple pattern making from Rachel (",)

Pattern Dice

Pattern dice from Rachel (",)

… the paper & pencils were also put to other uses…

Independent writing and picture-making shared by Rachel (",)

Pattern Cards

I downloaded a set of pattern cards from the connection we share to use with coloured craft sticks…

Craft sticks used with pattern cards from the connection we share, shared by Rachel (",)


Transient Art with Pasta

Transient art patterns with pasta from Rachel (",)


Lines in the Sand

Lines in the sand from Rachel (",)


Patterns in Play Dough

Patterns in play dough from Rachel (",)


Lines on the Natural Geoboard

Lines on the natural geoboard from Rachel (",)


Lines on the Light Box

with cocktail stirrers…

Cocktail stirrers on the lightbox from Rachel (",)

… & in white sand…

Lines on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


Lines on Peg Boards

I made peg board pattern cards a few years ago. They are actually a little dark, but I still have the images so I’ll get round to attempting to lighten them one day & then I’ll be able to share them with you. The children either copied the patterns or created their own…

Pegboard patterns from Rachel (",)


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Documenting a nose bleed...

Nothing to do with this post really, but I loved how this little girl recorded her nose bleed. She was so upset by all the blood (spotted in one of my mirrors) that she took herself off to draw this. She’s still smiling in the picture, despite the drama, although did forget her hair…


– Rachel (“,)




  1. Thanks for taking time to post your images-we always find inspiration here-it’s great to pick up new ideas or be re-inspired-my colleague and I have worked in Early Years for many years,so it’s great to see things through someone else’s eyes-well done!

    • Thanks for the comment, Alison! I love seeing what others share too – there are so many inspirational people out there!

  2. Great ideas as usual, thanks for being so generous and sharing your hard work x

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Joanne (“,)

  3. Under Math Opportunities you have two books, Take a Line and Lines, can you give me the names of the authors I can’t find them by searching the titles. Thank you!

    • Hi RoseAnne.
      Take a Line is by Britta Teckentrup. Fairly sure I just got this on Amazon.
      Lines is by Phillip Yenawine, but will be harder to come by. ‘The Museum of Modern Art, New York/Delacorte Press’ is also on the front.

  4. just noticed you’re in the uk – oops – awesome sites -we will learn a lot from it

    • Thank you Demetra. I haven’t published your other comment as it has your email address in it, but thanks for the invitation! Yes, I’m in the UK so wouldn’t be able to make it. Have fun! 😀

  5. Hi Rachel

    Love the presentation photos and awesome learning experiences. ps can I please have the photos you use in this website so i can use them to show and sell to my management for resources.

    Once again thank you very much for such a beautiful and eye catching ideas.

    • Thanks, Shob.
      Please feel free to show my blog to your management. There are lots of photos for them to see here. Hope they let you obtain more resources 😉

  6. I have only recently discovered you and your truly inspirational ideas! I started off with my take on your spots, dots and circles theme, having scoured every charity shop in my surrounding towns for loose parts. This week I added ladybirds to the table too. It has been so popular, both with my Early Years children and this week with a 5 year old whose imaginative ideas have been wonderful to watch, from the more obvious sorting and matching to intricate pattern making with tiny ladybirds balanced on glass gems, to small world play and even using some of the resources as currency to buy others from another child! I have just downloaded your swirly patterns for next week. The other idea of yours that they have loved is your painted tips cotton buds (once we got over the not putting them in each others’ ears!!) I am a childminder and I am a huge fan of process and transient art – thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Melanie! I’m so glad you’re able to take some inspiration from my posts 😀

  7. Can you tell me the author of the book Take a line? I think that is the name. I can’t really see it in the picture.

    • Hi Jana, yes it’s Britta Teckentrup 🙂

  8. EVERYTHING ON HERE IS AWESOME! Can’t wait to try some of these with my students! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Amanda! Have fun! 🙂

  9. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share so many of your wonderful resources and ideas! They are such a help!
    I was wondering if you could tell me where you get your glass beads from please.
    Thank you

    • Hi Jo!
      Thanks for the lovely comment!
      I haven’t actually bought any new glass beads in a few years – they used to be really, really cheap & were sold in supermarkets, house shops, garden centres & florists.
      Places like B&M & Home Bargains often sell them now & you can also buy them from eBay & Amazon. Search for ‘glass pebbles’.
      Hope that helps.
      – Rachel (“,)

  10. What a great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re welcome, Noreen. Thanks for the lovely comment! 🙂

  11. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, and you’re welcome, Fatima! 🙂

  12. Some very tasteful, lovely, creative ideas. Thanks for sharing. I feel inspired!

    • Thanks, Judith! 🙂

  13. Such beautiful inspiration. I can’t wait to try some of these. I also love that you hand crafted your pre-writing cards instead of using computer printouts.

    • I think it’s really important that the children don’t always see ‘perfect’ drawings 🙂 Thank you, Kema!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing those beautiful inspirations. Some of them I really want to try on coming year.
    Also I have researched very long time fot the wooden logs for the rubber bands to make patterns, are you buying that or making by yourself?

    • You are very welcome, Coral!
      As for the wood slices, they actually came from the garden. The best person to ask would probably be a tree surgeon. Some will charge for them, but if you explain what they are for you might be lucky to get them free.


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