Just recently, I have been finding pieces of paper around the room with rainbows drawn on…

Discovered rainbows from Rachel (",)

As a result of this we have had my large stacking rainbow out…

Rainbow play from Rachel (",)

… & it reminded me that we have enjoyed a few rainbow activities over the year that I haven’t shared with you. Thought I’d share them this week. If you want any other ideas, we had lots of fun with rainbow colours last year and you can see that post here. I also shared a variety of colour activities here.


Rainbow Colours & a Game Board

Rainbow colours and a game board from Rachel (",)


Rainbow Rice

Rainbow rice from Rachel (",)


Transient Art with Rainbow Colours

Patterns with rainbow colours from Rachel (",)


Colour on the Lightbox

3D Shapes

Colourful 3D shapes on the lightbox from Rachel (",)

Rainbow Blocks

Rainbow blocks on the lightbox from Rachel (",)

Clear coloured glass pebbles & beaded garlands…

Rainbows on the lightbox from Rachel (",)


Felt Rainbow Puzzle

This was easy to make…

Simple felt rainbow puzzle from Rachel (",)


Laminated Rainbow

Fine Motor Fun with a Laminated Rainbow from Rachel (",)

You can download the rainbow here if you’d like a copy: Rainbow for Fine Motor Work from Rachel (“,)


Rainbow Colours in Plain Dough

Rainbow colours with plain dough from Rachel (",)


Mirror Box Patterns

Mirror box fun from Rachel (",)


Couldn’t resist sharing this ‘abandoned’ play’ I discovered – they are having meeting apparently! 😉

'Secret meeting' shared by Rachel (",)


Rainbow Water

I shared this image over on my Instagram account a few weeks ago. An invitation to pour and fill with coloured water using various sized implements & containers…

Rainbow water play from Rachel (",)


Fairies & Rainbow Toadstools

The images are tricky to see here because of all the reflections, but we really enjoyed playing with the fairies & homemade rainbow-coloured toadstools…

Fairies, homemade toadstools and mirrors from Rachel (",)


Rainbow Buttons


Sorting buttons from Rachel (",)

Sorting buttons from Rachel (",)


Button patterns from Rachel (",)

Button Play with the Mini Rainbow

Button and rainbow play from Rachel (",)


Rainbow Craft Stick & Matchstick Patterns

Rainbow Craft stick and matchstick patterns from Rachel (",)



Rainbow & Craft Stick Play

Rainbow and craft stick play from Rachel (",)


Bottle Top Play

Sorting, pattern and number work…

Sorting, pattern and number work with bottle tops from Rachel (",)


Rainbow Bugs

Exploring number and fine motor skills with my homemade numbered rainbow bugs, colourful ladybirds, numbered flowers & rainbow numbers…

Fine motor skills and pattern with homemade numbered rainbow bugs, colourful ladybirds, numbered flowers and rainbow numbers from Rachel (",)

Exploring number with homemade numbered rainbow bugs, colourful ladybirds, numbered flowers and rainbow numbers from Rachel (",)

Exploring number with homemade numbered rainbow bugs, colourful ladybirds, numbered flowers and rainbow numbers from Rachel (",)


Of course we’ve also enjoyed exploring the rainbow blocks in the sunshine outside, but I don’t have any new photos to show you. I shared some photos here, if you’d like to see some. 🙂


Thanks for reading!

Rainbow and mirror play from Rachel (",)


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– Rachel (“,)



  1. Everything just looks so inviting xx

    • Thank you, Jeanette! (“,) x

  2. HI Rachel! I’m new to your site but wanted to tell you how much I love it! You’ve probably been asked these questions before, but anyway-did you make your stackable rainbow? Where did you get the gel (water) filled numbers and letters for the light cube? Where did you get the “stained glass” shapes that have the wood frame around them that are seen on the light cube?
    Thank you so much for it all!

    • Hi Lori,
      Thanks for the lovely comment!

      The stackable rainbow is a ‘Grimms’ rainbow & was very expensive (I know you can them from Amazon). Sometimes supermarkets such as Sainsburys (I don’t think you’re in the UK though?!) sell smaller, much cheaper versions.

      I think you mean the gel numbers that were from TTS – http://www.tts-group.co.uk/shops/tts/Products/PD1724861/

      I assume that, by ‘stained glass’ shapes, you mean my Rainbow Blocks. I think they were from ‘Cosy’, but I’m sure other educational catalogues will do them too. Google rainbow blocks if in doubt!!

      Hope that helps.

      Rachel (“,)


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