Assessing Shapes

Assessing Shapes

At this time of the year, the children are settling in and getting to know us & each other.  In fact, this has been the first week when they have all been in altogether. We need to find out what they know in order to further their learning & one of the things I need to assess in my class, is their knowledge of simple shapes. I try to set up activities which will allow me to do this as part of their play. These are a few of the things we’ve had out this week to assess which shapes they recognise…


Maths Activities

We enjoyed listening to the book, ‘Mouse Shapes’…

Naming shapes with the book, 'Mouse Shapes' - from Rachel (",)

..… & used it to inspire picture making with shapes in the maths area…

Creating pictures with shapes - from Rachel (",)


Discovery Table

Shaped mirror blocks – lovely to explore…

Building with mirror blocks from Rachel (",)


Magnatiles on the OHP

Exploring shape and colour…

Exploring shape and colour with magnatiles on the OHP from Rachel (",)

… and building…

Building with magnatiles on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Light Panel

Out came my laminated cellophane shapes…

Laminated cellophane shapes on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Fun

Patterns at the Finger Gym

Invitation to create peg patterns from Rachel (",)

Tracing shapes with glass pebbles

Shapes and fine-motor skills with glass pebbles from Rachel (",)

It’s only a simple document, but if you want a copy of the shapes paper, you can download it from here: Shape outlines from Rachel (“,)


Shapes in the Dough

Play dough and shapes from Rachel (",)


Shaped Carpet Tiles Play

Playing with shaped carpet tiles from Rachel (",).

Small World Play

Cats and dogs. This was mainly because of the cat in the Mouse Shapes book as I’m still getting to know the children & their interests…

Cats and dogs at play... from Rachel (",)


We had a few opportunities outside too, but no photos as too many faces in the way! 😉


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  1. Hi Rachel. Just a query the mirrors that you use with resources on top are they glass or plastic?

    • They are real mirrors, Trudi. Acrylic mirrors scratch very quickly. If possible, I tape the back of my real mirrors with masking tape or gaffer tape so that they won’t smash if dropped. Never had a child break a mirror in the 10 years I’ve been using them though. The children are taught to use them carefully 🙂

  2. Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for sharing all of your creativity with us…Who is the author of the “Patterns” book? Also, what are the peg boards that you are using? Did you purchase them, along with the pegs?
    Thank you again!

    • Hi Veni,
      The book is a Maths Links book from Heinemann First Library, by Peter Patilla. Our school stamp has the year 2000 on it though, so I’m not sure if it’s still published…
      I didn’t buy the pegs & boards (they’ve been in our school for over 20 years) – I think they will have come together as a set.
      – Rachel (“,)

      • Thanks so much!!!
        I found the pegs and (1) board on Amazon for $20….I need 16 boards so will put this on my wish list!
        Thanks again…:o)))

        • So glad you found them 🙂

      • Just found the Pattern book on Amazon…woo hoo!!! Thanks for the info on it…

        • Fab! 😀


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