Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I

We have been enjoying lots of activities around ‘me and myself’ as we have been getting to know each other in our second full week. Here are some of the activities we have had the opportunity to experience…



These are some of the books we have enjoyed…

Lovely books for when thinking about "me" - shared by Rachel (",)


Creating Faces at the Discovery Table

Invitation to create faces at the Discovery Table from Rachel (",)

Transient art faces at the Discovery Table from Rachel (",)

Look at how this little girl added ‘bobbles’ (the rings) & ‘clips’ (the flowers) to the hair…

Hair with bobbles and clips from Rachel (",)



I moved the laminated cellophane shapes onto the OHP as they kept migrating there last week. We enjoyed making faces, people & patterns…

Laminated cellophane shapes on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Maths Opportunities

Peg People

I painted the peg dolls so that there are families of different colours. They’ve been very popular…

Sorting and counting painted peg people from Rachel (",)

Number Mats

I got out these number mats just to see how we would get on with them. Most of the class are nowhere near ready for them, but I have a couple of children who were beginning to get the idea of placing the loose parts in the tens frame.

Counting people onto a tens frame from Rachel (",)

If you wish a copy of the number mats, you can download them here: Number Mats with Number Words from Rachel (“,)

(They are different to the number mats previously shared which have number outlines,

Counting and fine motor skills from Rachel (",)

but if you’d prefer those, you can download them here: Number Mats from Rachel (“,)


Light Panel

We did this on my homemade lightbox last year & it was so popular that I thought I’d recreate it. The face shapes are just drawn onto an acetate sheet with a permanent marker.

Faces with loose parts on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Sorting People at the Finger Gym

The first experience with the tweezers for many of them…

Using fine motor skills to sort the people - from Rachel (",)


Play Dough Portraits

They loved this! I was constantly getting called over to take a photograph of their masterpieces…

Invitation to create portraits with play dough from Rachel (",)

Play dough 'portraits' from Rachel (",)


Self Portraits

Using a felt tip pen…

Self portraits with a felt tip pen from Rachel (",)

Invitation to paint portraits…

Invitation to paint self portraits from Rachel (",)


Transient Art with (mostly) Natural Materials

I decided to use the carpet space in the entrance of our area to put out some materials to explore transient art. We sat in a circle around the materials & I demonstrated how they might use them. I was thrilled with how they took to the experience – lots of ‘visitors’ to the activity…

Provocation to create transient art from Rachel (",)

Faces and other creations…

Transient art faces and other creations from Rachel (",)

They looked beautiful as the sunlight streamed through the doors – tricky to capture in a photo though!

Transient art with natural resources from Rachel (",)

I loved this deer – look at the antlers! 😉

Transient art face turned into a deer - from Rachel (",)

In case you are interested, these two books are particularly lovely for when thinking about transient art in relation to faces…

'Faces' - lovely book for transient art... shared by Rachel (",)

'Let's Make Faces' - lovely book for transient art and spotting pictures in everyday items... shared by Rachel (",)


Name Play

Tracing names with buttons…

Tracing names with buttons from Rachel (",)

Spelling names

(Letters from name provided, ready to put in the correct order.)

Working on names from Rachel (",)


Little Town Play

(Printable roads from Picklebums – I far prefer these to road mats. I’ve used matt laminating pouches, rather than gloss.)

Little town play from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading!

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– Rachel (“,)



  1. Love your ideas Rachel – they always look so inviting. Just wondering where you source your little sorting people and your primary coloured glass stones/pebbles. I am in Australia and have never come across the bright colours of the glass stones nor the wide variety of the sorting people. Many thanks.

    • Bunnings has lots of coloured stones probably not exactly the same but close

      • Bunnings isn’t a store we have in the UK, Leah – but it sounds like a great place to find goodies! 🙂

        • Thanks Leah and Rachel. I will check Bunnings out again. I am really looking for the bold primary coloured glass pebbles that my children call wishing stones

          • eBay definitely sells the bold colour ones in the UK, Kathy.

  2. Love the faces the children made at the Discovery table and on the light panel. And I love transient art! Definitely going to print out those roads – thanks for the link.

    • Have fun, Jeanette! 🙂

  3. Fabulous post. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome, Barbara 🙂

  4. You are such an inspiration, Rachel. I love clicking on your posts to see all your fabulous ideas. Please keep them coming!

    • Thank you for the gorgeous comment, Penny! 🙂

  5. I love your website and ideas for preschoolers. I am wondering where you get your little people and houses for your Little Town Play area. thanks for all the fabulous ideas.

    • Hi Laura,
      You can get the same people from TTS:
      The little wooden buildings were in the classroom long before I arrived, so I’m not sure where they came from. I’ve seen bags of similar blocks in places like John Lewis in the toy section though.
      Hope that helps!
      Rachel (“,)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. Your classroom environment is inspiring!

    • Oh thank you for the lovely comment, Joanna. It means a lot! 🙂

  7. Ooo it’s all so lovely, I love the way you present the materials. I especially love the play dough portraits and the transient art with natural materials. What great ideas!
    (P.S. visiting from Montessori Monday 🙂 )

    • Ah, thanks Natalie!
      I shall pop over to your blog for a nosey 😉

  8. Hello there I love your ideas they are fab!

    Just wondering what objects you used for the transient art faces? I can see stones and leaves but can’t quite make out the other objects x

    • Anything will do!
      I use things like old curtain rings, stones, buttons, faux flowers & leaves (real ones wold be lovely too), wooden discs, beaded garlands, wool, glass pebbles, sticks…

  9. Hi Rachel,

    Fabulous ideas. I just wondered if you could tell me where you got the little wooden houses in the little town play please as I am looking for some just like this.

    Many Thanks,


    • Hi Emily!
      This particular set has been in Nursery longer than me, I’m afraid so I’m not sure where they were from.
      I’ve seen similar sets in John Lewis & Tesco before. eBay or Amazon would be a good place to look, too 🙂

  10. Good ideas and so many activity so Thanks

    • You’re welcome!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment! ☺️


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