It’s been a funny kind of week on a personal level & I wasn’t going to blog. However, I thought I’d share a few firework-inpired activities, seeing as it was Bonfire Night on Thursday & some of you might be attending an event this weekend. If you’d like to see more Bonfire Night/Firework-Inspired activities, view this post from last year (you can see a few photos from it in the image below).

Images from my Bonfire Night post on Stimulating Learning with Rachel (",)


Here are a few new photos…

Transferring ‘Firework’ Baubles

…with a tea-bag strainer from Ikea…

Transferring baubles with a tea-bag strainer from Rachel (",).

Hole Punching ‘Fireworks’

Hole punching star 'fireworks'. Fine motor work from Rachel (",)


Removing ‘Fireworks’ with Tweezers

Cheap hair gel & sequins…

Fine motor fun with cheap hair gel, star sequins and tweezers - from Rachel (",)


Transferring ‘Firework’ Gift Bows

… with tweezers…

Transferring 'fireworks' (gift bows) from Rachel (",)


Mark Making in Glitter

Firework-inspired mark making in glitter from Rachel (",)

Firework-inspired mark making in glitter from Rachel (",)


Firework Pictures with Wet Chalk

Firework pictures with wet chalk from Rachel (",)


Simple Counting and Number Recognition

Throwing numbered or spotted dice is a simple way to work on number recognition and one-to-one counting…

Simple counting and number recognition from Rachel (",)


Counting ‘Fireworks’

(Gift bows really!)

Counting 'fireworks' (gift bows) from Rachel (",)

… and sparkly pom-poms…

Counting 'fireworks' (sparkly pom-poms) from Rachel (",)


Firework-Inspired Sensory Tray

Firework-inspired sensory tray from Rachel (",)


Powder Paint & Shaving Foam

… mark-making loveliness…

Mark making in shaving foam and powder paint (firework-inspired) from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Counting Fun

… with tweezers, numbers and stars…

Fine motor and counting fun with tweezers, numbers and stars from Rachel (",)


Firework Transient Art 

… on placemats…

Firework transient art on cheap placemats from Rachel (",)

… on black felt…

Firework transient art on black felt from Rachel (",)


Shapes on the OHP

Shapes on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Fireworks on the Colour-Changing Light Panel

I had the colours rotating on a cycle this week. I wish the photos did them justice – it was like our own little firework display in the corner of the room…

Colour-changing light panel and firework-inspired loose pats from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Work on the Light Panel

… with glass pebbles, tweezers and an ice cube tray…

Fine motor work on the light panel with glass pebbles, tweezers and an ice cube tray from Rachel (",)


Play Dough Fireworks

Firework dough from Rachel (",)

Firework dough from Rachel (",)


Printing Fireworks

… with a dish scourer…

Printing firework pictures (with dish scourers) from Rachel (",)


Firework City

A coloured rope light (‘fireworks’) added to the construction area…

Firework city from Rachel (",)


Outdoor Fireworks

… Powder paint, brushes & lots of rain…

Outdoor 'fireworks' (powder paint, brushes and rain) from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading!

Powder paint and rain from Rachel (",)

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– Rachel (“,)


  1. Wonderful as always, Rachel..thanks for taking the time to share 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Susie! ☺️

  2. lots of things to magpie, don’t have a favourite, I want to do them all! keep sharing so I can continue to magpie! Thanks

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Bec!

  3. So inspiring – how do you store all your lovely materials?

  4. Thank you, I have used some of these ideas! We are just thinking of buying a light panel but not a colour changing one- would you recommend the round one or have you used the rectangular one too?

    • I love the colour changing feature, but would be happy without it.
      I haven’t used the rectangular one so can’t give an opinion on that.
      If it’s just the same as the round one, but without the colour-changing feature, I think it will be great.
      Personally, my priority would be size rather than colour – I would go for the largest one you can afford, so that it allows for greater collaboration between the children.

  5. Hi,
    I absolutely love these ideas, as always! I was just wondering do you use powder paint or ready mix? Your paints look really vibrant on the black paper – when I did leaf printing on black paper (ready mix) the paint sunk into the paper and didn’t show up!
    Thanks in advance

    • I’ve used acrylic in the past, but mostly use ready mix (it was ready mix with the leaves I’ve shared on my blog). We use powder paint outdoors. No idea why it sunk into the paps for you. Too much paint???

  6. LOVE THESE ideas! New to year R so these are simply amazing!!

    • Ah, fabulous! So glad you think you might find them useful 🙂


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