Spots, Stripes & Patterns

Spots, Stripes & Patterns

There was lots of pattern-making in our firework-inspired play the other week and so I then provided various opportunities for us to continue with this.

Various books were used, but we particularly enjoyed these…

Spots, Stripes and Patterns - books to enjoy, shared by Rachel (",)


Transient Art

The children loved the book, ‘My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh’ and had fun creating pictures with felt ‘spots’ and ‘stripes’…

Felt 'spots' and 'stripes' from Rachel (",)


Finger Gym Fun

‘Spots’ (pom-poms), scoops, tweezers & a cheap baking tray…

Using fine motor skills to sort the pom-poms - from Rachel (",)

Patterns with mosaic pieces…

Patterns with mosaic pieces from Rachel (",)


Threading Patterns

A simple, but popular activity…

Threading coloured and shaped beads from Rachel (",)


Linking Elephant Play 

Linking elephant play from Rachel (",)


Patterns on the Light Panel

Old curtain rings (screws removed), glass pebbles & magnetic discs…

Pattern on the light panel from Rachel

Cheap coloured cups, shapes & cocktail sticks

Light panel play with cheap cups, cocktail sticks and shapes from Rachel (",)

Colour paddles, counters & cocktail sticks…

Light panel play with cocktail sticks, counters and colour paddles from Rachel (",)

Coloured shapes & patterns on acetate sheets…

Light panel play with patterns in acetate sheets and acrylic mosaic shapes from Rachel (",)

Pattern cards & a tray of sand…

Pattern cards (free-to-download) and coloured sand on the light panel from Rachel (",)

Cheap test tubes & ‘shot glasses’ with buttons…

Cheap shot glasses and test tubes, along with tweezers and buttons on the light panel from Rachel (",)

Elephants on acetate sheets & coloured shapes…

Decorating elephants on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Patterns on the Mirror Box

I made these mirror boxes a couple of years ago (instructions here) & we love using them. The children are fascinated by the reflections.

Patterns on the homemade mirror boxes from Rachel (",)


Sorting Spots & Stripes

… with tweezers…

Using fine motor skills to sort spots and stripes from Rachel (",)


Sorting People

Sorting people from Rachel (",)


Exploration on the OHP

‘Spots’ & ‘Stripes’ (coloured discs & cocktail sticks)…

'Spots' and 'stripes' on the OHP (coloured discs and cocktail sticks) from Rachel (",)

Cheap coloured cups and colour paddles…

Cheap coloured cups and colour paddles on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Bottle Top Play

So many opportunities with this free resource…

Bottle top play from Rachel (",)


More Fine Motor Fun 

… with tweezers, pom-poms and cheap candle holders…

Tweezers, pom-poms and cheap candle holders from Rachel (",)

… with coloured lolly sticks, laces and stripy beads…

Fine motor work with coloured lolly sticks, laces and stripy beads from Rachel (",)

… sorting stripy beads…

Using fine motor skills to sort stripy beads - from Rachel (",)


Patterns in the Small World

… with wild animals (& Elmer!)…

Patterns on Wild Animals from Rachel (",)


Pattern Dice & Pattern Cards 

I have shared these pattern cards many times. Early handwriting patterns, great for working on fine motor skills and control. I have the same patterns drawn on wooden dice…

Pattern dice and (free-to-download) pattern cards from Rachel (",)

You can download the pattern cards from this post, if you’d like a copy.


Transient Art

… inspired by the book, ‘Pezzettino’…

Transient art inspired by the book, 'Pezzettino' from Rachel (",)


Flashing Ice cubes in the Water Tray

Lovely sensory fun!

Flashing ice cubes in the water tray with colanders from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading!

Light panel play with cheap cups from Rachel (",)


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  1. Hi what are you using to make the mosaics here?

    • Hi Stephanie,
      If you mean the plastic pieces with the ‘mats’, they have always been in school, so I’m not sure what they are officially called or where they came from. We just call them ‘mosaic pieces’.
      If you mean the little squares we used with the book ‘Pezzettino’, they are real mosaic pieces, bought from eBay.

  2. I love seeing all of your classroom posts! Thank you for sharing. Do you allow the children to move the materials from area to area or are the materials to remain where they are set up? If they stay, how on earth do you “train” the kiddos? I teach threes and am forever attempting to keep some of the smaller loose parts contained. Clean up can get CRAZY! 🙂

    • Generally, my rule is that if they move them, they have to take them back – it takes an age to train them, though and we constantly have to remind them.
      I think that it helps that we play with them in the areas, so notice more if things aren’t put back.
      Sometimes, I set things up that really need to stay there, so they are told that. Again, the training is hard work. Constant reminders needed. I dread September when we have to start all over again!
      PS. My class are 3 & 4.

    • PPS. The children are introduced to the resources in the areas when I’ve put new things out, so that also helps with the training.


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