Starry Night

Starry Night

I bought the book ‘Katie and the Starry Night, by James Mayhew quite some time ago, but I have never actually used it in school. As the dark nights have started drawing in, the children have been talking about the sky, night time & space & so I thought we might explore a few activities linked around this. I’m afraid I don’t have too many photos to share as we suffered a burglary at home which means I don’t have all of them with me.


Transient Art Inspired by ‘The Starry Night’

Transient art inspired by 'The Starry Night' from Rachel (",)


Moon Play

Ever popular!

Moon play from Rachel (",)


Line Designs 

… hand-eye coordination & fine motor skills…

Hand-eye coordination and fine motor work with line designs from Rachel (",)


Counting, Sorting & Pattern Making with Stars

Counting, sorting and patterns with stars from Rachel (",)


Mark Making in Coloured Sand

Mark making in coloured sand from Rachel (",)

I’ve shared these patterns cards many times before, but if you’ve missed them & would like a copy, you can download them in this post.


Light Panel Play

… with laminated cellophane stars & numbers (& a few buttons)…

Laminated cellophane stars and numbers on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Magnatiles on the OHP

Magnatiles on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Numbered Stars

We used the numbered stars I shared with you last year in my ‘Space‘ post, shown here in this photo

Numbers and patterns from Rachel (",)

I don’t have a photo of the way we used them this year, but you can download them here if you’d like a copy: Numbered stars from Rachel (“,)


Tracing Colours

This was an activity that a couple of the children & I did together. We really enjoyed trying to match some of the glass pebbles with The Starry Night picture…

Tracing the colours of 'The Starry Night' from Rachel (",)


Sorry I don’t have photos of all the other lovely things we’ve done to share, but thanks for reading anyway!


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– Rachel (“,)


  1. Rachel, Another delicious visual and educational masterpiece. I haven’t actually got this book but it will now be on my list….we have studied Van Gogh recently and the children enjoyed replicating the Starry Night artwork with thick paint. Our night are not so long although we never really experience long summer twilight nights in OZ.
    Only two weeks left of school here before our long summer break. Look forward to reading more of your blogs. Happy Christmas. Sue

    • Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Sue!
      Your paintings sound wonderful. It’s such a lovely piece of artwork to take inspiration from 🙂

  2. Brilliant ideas as usual.
    So sorry to hear about your break in, hope you are ok and nothing precious was taken. X

    • Thank you Joanne xx

  3. Thank you Rachel. There is always something inspirational in your photos. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Shona 🙂


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