Festive Fun

Festive Fun

Festive times are upon us! Here are some of the Christmas activities we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of weeks…


Hanging Bells

They loved this sensory, fine motor activity…

Hanging bells - fine motor fun from Rachel (",)


Scooping Glitter

Scooping glitter from Rachel (",)


Festive Table Top Activities 

Christmas Table Top activities - more details in the post... from Rachel (",)

Closer images of these activities…

Scooping and transferring baubles.

Scooping and transferring baubles from Rachel (",)

Simple tree decorating.

Simple tree decorating with Christmas shapes from Rachel (",)

Balancing Christmas puddings.

Balancing Christmas puddings from Rachel (",)

Building and balancing with Christmas boxes.

Building and balancing with Christmas boxes - from Rachel (",)

Counting Christmas gift bows.

Counting Christmas gift bows from Rachel (",)

Fine motor work and number recognition with pegs.

Fine motor work and number recognition with pegs from Rachel (",)


Transient Art Christmas Tree Invitation 

I need a better camera! (Link to a video below.)

Transient art Christmas tree invitation from Rachel (",)

It was so beautiful when the children had filled it in, but the camera just didn’t capture it… you can see a little video of it here, which better shows it…

Transient art Christmas tree from Rachel (",)


Festive Fine Motor Fun

…with some of my free printables (download from this post and also, this post)…Fine motor fun with some free printables from Rachel (",)


Hole Punching Trees

(An idea inspired and adapted from a post by Sugar Aunts.)

Hole punching trees from Rachel (",)


Push Pins and Christmas Shapes 

… more fine motor fun…

Fine motor fun with push pins and Christmas shapes from Rachel (",)


Bottle Tops on the Light Panel 

– fine motor skills work…
Bottle tops on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Christmas Shape Outlines on the OHP

Christmas shapes on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Christmas Sensory Basket Play

They loved exploring this!

Christmas Sensory Basket from Rachel (",)


Telling Christmas Stories

Out came the finger puppets again…

Telling Christmas stories from Rachel (",)


Christmas-y Loose Parts Play

Lots of opportunities to explore transient art and maths…

Christmas-y loose parts play from Rachel (",)


Decorating The Three Kings’ Crowns

– fine motor skills work…

Using fine motor skills to decorate The Three Kings' crowns - from Rachel (",)


Christmas-Inspired Loose Parts and the Game Board 

Christmas-inspired loose parts and the game board - from Rachel (",)


Counting onto Felt Stockings

Counting onto felt stockings from Rachel (",)


Christmas World

Christmas-y World from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading! More festive fun next week 😉 

Kindness Elves from Rachel (",)

We’ve been lucky enough to be visited by Kindness Elves this week, too!

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– Rachel (“,)


  1. Gorgeous ideas and so beautifully presented. Bookmarked for next year.

    • Thanks Lisa! 😀

  2. So inspiring – but you do have a lot to answer for!! I’ve just been Christmas shopping and ended up buying yet more little bits and bobs for sorting, pattern making etc. I just can’t resist 🙂 Thank goodness I already have my own body weight in bottle tops so will be able to try that idea without spending any more! Happy Happy Christmas 🙂 x

    • Oops, sorry! 😉
      I’m sure you’ll love using them all though! x

    • PS. Happy Christmas to you too! x


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