The Festivities Continue

The Festivities Continue

Well, the festivities have continued. Here are some of the activities we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of weeks…


Polar Express Small World Play

You may remember that we enjoyed this last year too…

Polar Express Inspired Small World Play from Rachel (",)

I set it up on a table this time though, as they wanted to keep the Christmas World from last week.

Polar Express Small World Play from Rachel (",)


Counting, Number Recognition and Pattern Work with Festive Erasers 

We actually did this a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot to include it in my post last week.

Counting, number recognition and pattern work with Christmas erasers from Rachel (",)


Threading Christmas Colours 

… beads, laces, buttons and pipe-cleaners…

Threading with Christmas colours from Rachel (",)


Finding Rudolph’s Nose

Finding Rudolph's nose - fine motor fun from Rachel (",)


Sorting, Counting, Number Recognition and Pattern Work with Christmas Loose Parts

Sorting, counting, number recognition and pattern work with Christmas loose parts from Rachel (",)


Montessori Tray

Counting, number recognition and mark-making in glitter…

Counting, number recognition and mark-making in glitter - from Rachel (",)


Invitation to Weigh Christmas Presents 

Again, something we do each year. These presents are now around seven years old! I covered the wrapping paper in sticky back plastic, which is why they’ve lasted so long.

Invitation to Weigh Christmas Presents from Rachel (",)


Invitation to Twist Pipe-Cleaners and Thread through the Holes 

Invitation to twist pile-cleaners and thread through the holes from Rachel (",)


Father-Christmas-Inspired Sensory Tray 

Father Christmas inspired sensory tray from Rachel (",)


More Christmas Table Top Activities 

Some of which are repeats or follow-ons from activities we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of weeks…

More Christmas table top activities from Rachel (",)

Closer views…

Christmas Counting, Number Recognition and Fine Motor Skills

Christmas counting, number recognition and fine motor skills from Rachel (",)

Scooping Sequins 

Scooping sequins from Rachel (",)

Decorating Felt Stockings with Buttons

Felt Christmas Stockings and Buttons from Rachel (",)

Invitation to Hang Glittered Pine Cones 

Invitation to hang glittered pine cones - from Rachel

Playing with Christmas Erasers 

Playing with Christmas erasers from Rachel (",)

Presents Play

They ended up in the construction area for a while!

Playing with presents from Rachel (",)


Tweezers, Gift Bows and an Ice-Cube Tray

Tweezers, gift bows and an ice cube tray from Rachel (",)


Simple Ordering Christmas Tree Puzzle 

Not my idea – lots of examples of this online…

Simple Ordering Christmas Tree Puzzle from Rachel (",)


Using Fine Motor Skills to sort Christmas Coloured Buttons

Using fine motor skills to sort Christmas coloured buttons from Rachel (",)


Simple Festive Shapes Threading Cards 

Simple Christmas shapes threading cards from Rachel (",)


Sparkly Star Dough

I have no idea what I’ve done with all my other play dough photos from this year at the moment, so only have this to share with you.

Sparkly Star Dough from Rachel (",)

You can see some of the other ways we’ve enjoyed ‘Christmas’ dough over the years here…

Christmas Dough Ideas from Rachel (",)


Creating Patterns and Counting Jewels onto the Kings’ Crowns

Creating patterns and counting jewels onto the Kings' crowns - from Rachel (",)


At last the Christmas holiday has arrived – I don’t know about you, but I am in need of a break! Have a wonderful time, whatever you are up to!


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– Rachel (“,)


  1. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks you so much for all the wonderfully inspiring play invitations you post. What lucky students you have! I was wondering how you organize all of your materials? Do you do it by theme (i.e. Christmas) or do you organize like things together (i.e. pom poms, erasers, etc.) since some things are used in more than one theme. Would love some help with this as I am just getting started with using materials in this way.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Jackie!
      Most of them are stored according to theme e.g. winter, Christmas, Valentines, maths manipulatives, wooden numbers, beads, buttons, shells. That way I know exactly where to find them if I’m using them in another way. So if I want red & gold resources for Chinese New Year I might need to go to my buttons box to find the red and gold ones. Although I have a winter box (for very specific things such as snowmen), I might also go to my buttons box to find the white ones. Does that make sense? I know what I mean!!
      I store my resources in ziplock bags in labelled lidded boxes. You can see some of them in this Facebook album: if it’s any help.

  2. Just want to say I came across your website at the beginning of December and I have been very inspired about your fine motor activities together with the discovery items. Please can you tell me where you resource your items and especially those amazing bowls, they are truly inspirational. Keep it up.

    • Hi Christine,

      My wooden bowls & dishes have all come from with charity shops, car boot sales or eBay.
      My resources sources vary. Some are from educational catalogues/companies such as Cosy, TTS or YPO. Others are from cheap shops like Poundland, Home Bargains & B&M. Then I also get bits from eBay & Amazon. It depends on which ones you mean!

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment!
      Merry Christmas! x


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