Playing with Numbers

Playing with Numbers

We’ve been having a bit of a focus on numbers recently, so some number play to share this week…


Fine Motor Activity

Tracing Numbers with Buttons… with tweezers for an extra challenge. Some of the children just added the correct number of buttons to the card…

Tracing numbers with buttons from Rachel (",)


Transient Art Patterns and Number Play

I love doing this. A few played with the numbers, but most created pictures…

Transient Art Patterns and Number Play from Rachel (",)

The below picture is a ‘park’ – it has a slide and some steps… and a bit that you mustn’t stand on or it will ‘pop you off’!

"This is a park!" - from Rachel (",)

… and this one is one is a picture of a little boy’s mummy…

"A picture of my mummy" - shared by Rachel (",)


Number Play on the OHP

Laminated cellophane numbers and magnetic discs. We’ve had this out a few times now. It’s a very visual way for me to see if they are able to match the numeral with the correct amount of discs as it’s so large on the wall!

Number play on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Ten Black Dots

The children really enjoyed this book – I noticed them spotting all the dots and counting them a few times! I added black glass pebbles, buttons, numbers and the game board to the area…

Ten Black Dots play from Rachel (",)


Number Cards

Number mats (FREE printable) from Rachel (",)

You can download a copy of the cards here: Number Cards from Rachel (“,)


Light Panel Play

Numbered acrylic shot glasses and tubes with buttons. Again, something we’ve had out before. A bit of counting and lots of role-play…

Number play on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Superhero Play

Superheroes, cars, people, blocks, buildings, superhero telephone numbers, paper for registration plates and lots of fun!

Simple superhero play from Rachel (",)


Ladybirds Sensory Basket

My homemade ladybirds are still going strong (see how I made them in this post). Lots of number and pattern play…

Counting ladybirds from Rachel (",)


Maths Play with Favourite Characters

Maths play with favourite characters from Rachel (",)


123 Peas

A book I have bought recently after seeing it shared many times on Instagram and Twitter. More opportunities for counting…

'1-2-3 peas' play from Rachel (",)


Mouse Count

They love this story & really enjoyed using the props to go with it…

Mouse Count from Rachel (",)


Hole Punches

Oh how they love to punch holes…

Hole punching to match the number from Rachel (",)


Dice Game

Out came this simple game – roll the dice and place the counter in the correct column. I use it as a number recognition activity. You can download it from my Maths Printables post.

Dice Game (FREE printable) from Rachel (",)


‘Building’ Numbers

On a number line to see them ‘grow’, and numbers one to ten written randomly on a piece of paper…

Building numbers from Rachel (",)


Numicon Play

In a tray with glass pebbles and numbers…

Numicon Play from Rachel (",)

In the water tray with gel numbers…

Numicon in the Water Tray with Gel Numbers from Rachel (",)

… and with play dough…

Play Dough and Numicon from Rachel (",)


Beads and Numbers

The idea was to thread a number bead and the correct number of beads…

Beads and Numbers from Rachel (",)


Maths Printables

Don’t forget that there are a few free-to-download activities in this post:

Free Maths Printables... from Rachel (",)


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  1. Fab ideas as always Rachel. I love those little characters you’ve used with the maths play. How big are your cupboards – they must be huge to store all of your lovely resources xx

    • Hi Jeanette. Lots of my resources are stored at home as they belong to me. My resources in school are not as organised as I’d like them to be at the moment as I don’t have my shelves fitted in the cupboard yet. Very frustrating! They are on their way though! x

      • Yes same here though my so called spare room seems to have become an extension of my class – not what my husband had planned!

        • Bit of a nightmare, hey? For me it’s my study, part of the garage, lift & spare room. Eek! Good job my hubby is lovely! 😉

  2. Love the inspiration! Where can I find the character pieces?

    • Thanks Mary! They are from eBay – search for the seller ‘’ 🙂

  3. This is wonderful. I love the coloful Numbers and the wooden numbers. Where did you get them? You are very creative!!

    • Thank you Elizabeth! I buy plain wooden numbers from Hobbycraft (UK), & paint them 🙂

  4. I can’t find them. What did you search for?

    • I’m not sure what you are looking for? Can you be more specific? 🙂

    • If you were searching for ‘’ on eBay Karen, they no longer list- shame because they had some cute things.

      • Oh, what a shame!


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