I hadn’t intended up for us to do anything ‘snowy’ this week as it looks unlikely that we’ll be getting any weather wise, but the Kindness Elves bought us The Snowman DVD to watch in the last week of term and the children got all excited about it so I went with it. I had also bought the book ‘Snowballs’ a few months ago and knew they’d love it, so thought we could link it. As a result, they have thoroughly enjoyed various snow-related activities this week…


Wintery World

This has been a very popular area this week! The image you see here actually has videos playing within it, but I’m not sure how to make that feature work on my blog. If you want to see it play, you can view it on my Instagram page here

Wintery World from Rachel (",)


Threading Frosty Coloured Beads

… onto pipe-cleaners and then hanging them on the tree. They absolutely loved this!

Threading frosty coloured beads onto pipe-cleaners and then hanging them on the tree - from Rachel (",)


Transient Art Inspired by the Book ‘Snowballs’ 

Transient art inspired by the book 'Snowballs' from Rachel (",)

It made me smile when one little girl said that the below snowman had “eaten too much”…

A snowman that "ate too much" - from Rachel (",)

One of the boys stacked up the empty bowls to create his own snowman…

Stacked-up bowl snowman from Rachel (",)


Winter Sensory Basket

Winter Sensory Basket from Rachel (",)


Exploring the Winter Sensory Basket from Rachel (",)

I loved how two of the boys turned the silicone cases upside down to decorate the top of them, rather than filling the inside…

Decorated silicone cases from Rachel (",)


Sorting, Counting and Patterns with a Wintery Feel

Sorting, counting and patterns with a wintery feel - from Rachel (",)


Wintery Transient Art

… with craft pieces, pom-poms and table scatters…

Wintery Transient Art from Rachel (",)


Creating Snowflakes with Loose Parts

We did this last year too. I love seeing what they come up with…

Creating snowflakes with loose parts from Rachel (",)


Pussy Willow

I couldn’t resist buying some of this for the children to look at and feel – so beautiful and so soft – they thought it felt like ‘kittens’ 😉

'Pussy Wilow' in the classroom from Rachel (",)


Snowy Light Play


Wintery trees on the Light Panel 

– inspired by the book, ‘Tap the Magic Tree’ – a book we’ve often used in autumn…

Wintery trees on the light panel, inspired by Tap the Magic Tree - from Rachel (",)

Decorating a Snowman outline on the OHP 

Decorating a snowman outline on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Soap Flakes in the Water Tray

… with whisks. Very slimy!

Soap flakes and whisks in the water tray from Rachel (",)


Snowman Counting Game

A game I made a couple of years ago…

Number recognition and counting snowman game (FREE printable) from Rachel (",)

If you wish a copy, you can download this free printable from this post.


Hole-Punching Snowflakes

Hole punching snowflakes from Rachel (",)


Using Fine Motor Skills

… to sort frosty coloured buttons…

Sorting frosty coloured buttons from Rachel (",)


Snowman Tens Frames

Snowman Tens Frame (FREE printable) from Rachel (",)

You can download these tens frames for free here: Tens Frames – Snowmen from Rachel (“,)


Snowy Dough

Something we’ve done many, many times before. Always popular!

Snowy dough from Rachel (",)


More wintery fun next week as the children are still so engaged…

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– Rachel (“,)



  1. Where did you get the mirrors you used when they used items to create snowflakes?

    What book is being used with the sticks on the light table?

    • Hi Barbara! The mirrors are from Ikea – you can see how I made the mirror boxes in this post:
      They are real mirrors as they are more reflective & don’t scratch as easily (there is tape covering the back of them so that they won’t smash).
      The book is called ‘Tap the Magic Tree’ by Christie Matheson. A for gorgeous book that takes a tree through the seasons.
      Hope that helps!

  2. I happened to stumble across your website today doing a little unit searching and I am enamored. You are amazing! I am sitting here thinking “If only I had the money to take a year off of school and go study under her”. I have been teaching for ten years and I want to revamp my whole curriculum based on your blog. That is if I could. We are a pretty structured program. We are given the curriculum we must teach the students. Including the play, but I am definitely going to get your ideas in my room as much as possible. Thank you for sharing.

    • Oh thank you, Kelly, what a gorgeous comment to read! 🙂


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