Wintery Activities

Wintery Activities

Sorry for no post last week – I had a lovely weekend away with my hubby! Our wintery fun has continued over the last couple of weeks and the children have been so engaged with all the activities. Here are a few of the things we have enjoyed…


Wintery Transient Art on Mirrors

We previously enjoyed using these loose parts on black felt. The mirrors gave an extra wintery feel. For those people who are new to my blog, all my mirrors have the back of them covered in tape so that they won’t smash if dropped (I use masking or gaffer tape).

Wintery transient art on mirrors from Rachel (",)


Invitation to Create Scarves and Hats for the Peg People

… with pipe-cleaners… Great for fine-motor skills!

Invitation to create scarves and hats with pipe-cleaners for the peg people... from Rachel (",)

A superpopular activity!

Creating scarves and hats with pipe-cleaners for the peg people... from Rachel (",)

This little girl decided to use beads as hats too…

Pipe-cleaner scarves and hats (for the peg people)... with added beads - from Rachel (",)


Counting Penguins

… and penguin play, of course!

Penguin number play from Rachel (",)


Doilies on the Light Panel

We did this last year on the OHP. It’s been lovely on our light panel…

Doilies, glass pebbles and tweezers on the light panel from Rachel new (",)


Penguin-Play on the Light Panel

Penguin Play from Rachel (",)

This little girl decided to organise and sort…

Organising and sorting on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Frozen Threading Cards

I made these last year using images from Red Ted Art

Frozen threading cards (images from Red Ted Art) - from Rachel (",)


Polar Bear Play

The children really enjoyed our previous wintery world (from this post) and so I just tweaked it – snowmen and people swapped for polar bears. Another popular area…

Polar Bear play from Rachel (",)


Decorating Gloves & Scarves

… I originally made the felt gloves & scarves a few years ago for counting and pattern work (you can see them in use here), but thought they would be lovely with loose parts…

Decorating gloves and scarves from Rachel (",)


Mark Making in ‘Snowy Glitter’

Mark making in 'snowy glitter' from Rachel (",)


Frosty-Coloured Bottle Top Play 

Frosty-Coloured Bottle Top Play from Rachel (",)


Frosty Trees on the OHP

I moved the sticks and glass pebbles from the light panel to the OHP and also added snowflake Christmas decorations…

Sticks, glass pebbles and snowflakes on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Snowball Activity

‘Snowballs’ (pom-poms or cotton wool balls), tweezers and a timer…

'Snowballs' (pom-poms or cotton wool balls), tweezers and a timer from Rachel (",)


‘Frozen’ Basket

The ever popular ‘Frozen’. The children wanted to keep the Polar Bear play in the small world area but I knew that some of them would enjoy story telling with the Frozen characters, so I just set up this simple basket…

Simple Frozen basket from Rachel (",)


Roll a Snowman

You can download this game for free from this post.

Roll a Snowman game (FREE printable) from Rachel (",)


Decorating Snowflakes

This was a popular activity last year…

Decorating snowflakes from Rachel (",)

… so I set something similar up again…

Decorating Snowflakes from Rachel (",)


Snowflake Play

I was given this beautiful book of photographs of snowflakes. I wasn’t sure how the children would take to it, but they were fascinated by the pictures (although they didn’t really understand that they were magnified snowflakes)…

Talking about snowflakes from Rachel (",)

I also provided my craft and bead snowflakes for them to look at, at the same time…

Talking about snowflakes from Rachel (",)

After they’d looked through the book, I set up this invitation to create snowflakes with shapes. Something I’ve seen many times on Twitter in other classrooms…

Invitation to create snowflakes with shapes from Rachel (",)


Wintery Dough 

Number work and other play…

Number work and other play with wintery dough from Rachel (",)


Creating Snowmen

Again, we did this last year too. I love seeing what they create…

Creating snowmen with loose parts from Rachel (",)


Playing with Reflections

Playing with reflections from Rachel (",)


Counting Snowflakes

Super cheap activity – handwritten numbers and snowflake confetti…

Counting Snowflakes from Rachel (",)


Threading ‘Icicles’

This continued for a while, from the week before (seen here) – apart from changing the books, the table stayed the same for a few extra days…

Winter tree for threading activities on the Finger Gym - from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading!

Snowflakes and glass pebbles on the OHP from Rachel (",)

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– Rachel (“,)


  1. Thanks for sharing, fab ideas ❄️
    LOVE the peg people activities

    • Thanks Gill!
      We loved the peg people too 🙂

  2. Thanks again for posting such innovative ideas Rachel. I teach Kindergarten in Northern Ontario, Canada and we are experiencing winter. We have read several of the books you have featured and I look forward to adding some new activities to accompany them.
    My teaching partner and I have adapted the Roll a Snowman game to Build a Snowman. We have the pieces available and the children build the snowman and then take him apart as they.roll the dot die.

    • Loving your build-a-snowman idea, Jane!

  3. Hi Rachel
    Lovely ideas as always. Those peg people are great. What size are they? I’ve looked on ebay but the ones I found weren’t that tall xx


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