Chinese New Year Fun

Chinese New Year Fun

I wasn’t sure whether or not to post this weekend – we’ve been enjoying some Chinese New Year-related activities as many of my class went to the parade in Manchester on Sunday, and as it’s over for another year I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested to see what we’ve been up to. Plus, it’s half term for many people and you should be resting! But it’s a good reference point for me and I enjoy sharing, so here we go…


Chinese Take Away

More of my children have Chinese take-aways, than visit a restaurant. They loved this set-up…

Chinese takeaway from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Opportunities

Invitation to pick up the ‘lucky’ fish beads at the Finger Gym…

Invitation to pick up the fish beads from Rachel (",)

Transferring Rice…

(Yes, this did go everywhere!)

Transferring rice from Rachel (",)

Invitation to Mark-Make Chinese Numbers…

Invitation to mark-make Chinese numbers from Rachel (",)

Invitation to Thread Patterns…

Invitation to thread patterns from Rachel (",)


Maths Fun

Sorting, counting, number recognition and pattern work in the maths area…

Sorting, counting, number recognition and pattern work in the maths area (with a little Chinese New Year inspiration) from Rachel (",)

Pegging the correct number of pegs to match the numeral…

Pegging numbers from Rachel (",)

Dice Game…

This seemed like a good idea at the time – throwing the dice and adding the correct number of matchsticks to the sand. It was very tricky to keep the sand in the shallow muffin tray though!

Cocktail sticks, sand and a dice from Rachel (",)

Number recognition, counting and mark making…

Number recognition, counting and mark making from Rachel (",)


Retelling the Chinese New Year Story

… in the small world area…

Retelling the Chinese New Year story in the small world area - from Rachel (",)

… and with the story stones I made last year…

Chinese New Year story stones from Rachel (",)


Sensory Play

Sensory Sand…

Red sand, loose parts and 'tools' from Rachel (",)

Sensory Basket…

Chinese New Year inspired sensory basket from Rachel (",)


Artefacts from China on the Discovery Table 

Artefacts from China on the discovery Table from Rachel (",)


Cherry Blossom ‘Trees’ on the Light Panel

Cherry blossom on 'trees' on the light panel from Rachel (",)



Chinese dragon silhouettes with colourful shapes…

Chinese dragon silhouettes with colourful shapes on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Chinese Dragons in the Construction Area 

We started playing with recycled materials and the coloured rope light…

Rope light and recycled materials in the construction area - from Rachel (",)

It led to some fabulous Chinese dragon creating…

Creating Chinese dragons in the construction area - from Rachel (",)


Creating Chinese dragons in the construction area - from Rachel (",)


Water Play

Red water with gold glitter and ‘dragons’…

Red water, gold glitter and 'dragons' in the water tray from Rachel (",)


Play Dough

Red and yellow dough with red, gold and yellow buttons, beads and sticks…

Chinese New Year inspired play dough from Rachel (",)


It’s half term for us now, so I’m going to try and switch off for a couple of days. Thanks for reading!

Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas shared by Rachel (",) .

Chinese dragon play from Rachel (",)

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– Rachel (“,)


  1. Your posts are usually awesome, but this is super super awesome!! i love it!! Thanks a lot for the ideas! I always try to make Chinese fun for my kids and this post has open a new world to me ^_^

    • Ah, you’re welcome, Elizabeth! Thanks for the lovely comment! (“,)

    • “Has opened”;-)

      • 😉

  2. I love all of these materials, and the beautiful invitation to the children to come explore…….just by setting up these creative environments!
    I really love your round Light Panel, and I was wondering where you had purchased this.

    • Thanks Pamela!
      The light panel was from – not cheap, but my Headteacher was happy for me to purchase it because she’d seen me get good daily use out of my homemade lightbox for over 2 years.
      You don’t need the colour-changing feature (although it is lovely), because it’s fab as it is, so there will be other cheaper options out there.

  3. Love those construction area dragons xx

    • Thanks Jeanette! I love them too!

  4. Hi Rachel, I loved Chinese NewYears when I taught. Some great ideas…I might suggest using some of your red play dough instead of sand….we always made a class dragon out of a box for the head and decorated cloth for the body. The older kids would then march through the younger classrooms under the dragon to Chinese Music! The younger kids were mesmerized !
    Enjoy all your creativity, but you must be broke all the time! Lol

    • Haha, I have definitely spent a LOT of money over the years!!
      Our Reception children made a Chinese dragon as you’ve described. My class LOVED it!
      Have a lovely day! 🙂

  5. Never doubt whether or not we’d be interested in what you’re up to. I, for one, am ALWAYS interested. You are my favorite blogger/FB page/Pinterest idea person. You are beyond creative & for that I am always interested & thankful that your share your awesomeness with us.

    • Well that was a lovely comment to read, Sheri! Thank you!

  6. I just wish I could come and live in your room even if it were just for a while.

    • Aww, thank you, Jan! 🙂

  7. Thank you, I follow all your posts and have used many of your ideas. Chinese New Years is one of my favs. I have a Dragon made out of a box for the head and a long piece of fabric with hoola hoop ribs underneath for the body that the children dance with. One thing though, my son (14yrs) has educated me that we should be calling this holiday “The Lunar New Year” as it is celebrated by many asian cultures. I will be incorporating this into my next Lunar New Year Theme!

    • Fabulous, Ramona! 🙂

  8. Wow… Impressive as a Chinese teacher I don’t even thought of these ! Thanks for your sharing Rachel! Childrens gonna be excited for this com8ng new year! Yippey!

    • Have fun, Evelyn! 🙂

  9. Hi Rachel

    Some super ideas. Can I ask where you bought the red sand?

    • It was from TTS in the UK 🙂


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