D D D Dinosaurs!

D D D Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs have been featuring heavily in the children’s natural play recently and so many of this week’s activities have been based around this. Lots of these, I have done before in some way…


Dinosaur World 

Dinosaur small world play from Rachel (",)

Dinosaur parade…

Dinosaur parade from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Opportunities

Finger Gym

Finger Gym fun from Rachel (",)

Using Tweezers to Balance the Beads on the Dinosaur Soap Pads 

Using tweezers to balance the beads on the dinosaur soap pads from Rachel (",)

Stretching Elastic Bands and Loom Bands over the Natural Geoboards

Natural geoboards from Rachel (",)


Maths Fun

Dinosaur maths…

Dinosaur maths from Rachel (',)

Number Recognition, Counting and Mark-Making

Number recognition, counting and mark making from Rachel (",)

Mark making and numbers from Rachel (",)

Pegs on Dinosaurs

Pegs on numbered dinosaurs (free printable) from Rachel (",)

If you’d like a copy of this printable, you can download it here: Numbered dinosaurs to peg from Rachel (“,)

Sorting Dinosaurs

I’m not a huge fan of these coloured ‘counters’, but the children wanted them out of the drawer. They tend to want to just sort for colour with these, as they are so bright, but we looked at the different dinosaurs too. I much prefer sorting with natural materials – so many more options to sort!

Sorting dinosaurs from Rachel (",)

Counting and Number Recognition with Dinos and Buttons 

Counting and number recognition with dinosaurs and buttons from Rachel (",)


Sensory Exploration with Skeleton Dinosaurs

… and pot-pourri…

Sensory exploration with skeleton dinosaurs from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Transient Art

I did this a couple of years ago with the children and it was really popular, so I thought I’d try it again with this class…

Transient art, including dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)


Mark-Making on the Light Panel

Mark making in sand on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Dough

Dinosaur dough from Rachel (",)

Play dough creations with dinosaurs, plastics plants, stones, googly eyes and sticks - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Swamp

…soap flakes, water and food colouring. Lots of excitement when frozen ‘eggs’ were added…

Dino swamp (soap flakes, water and food colouring) from Rachel (",)


Dinosaurs in the Construction Area

Dinosaurs in the construction area with bricks and recycled materials - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Silhouettes on the OHP

… with black glass pebbles…

Dinosaur silhouettes and black pebbles on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Iced Dinos!

This is actually an image from a few years ago. I love freezing things in ice for the children to ‘free’. Sadly I don’t have a freezer in my new classroom – something that I am ‘working on’ 😉

Iced Dinosaurs from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading! 

Dinosaurs! - from Rachel (",)

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– Rachel (“,)

Dinosaurs in a den...

Dinosaurs in a den…



  1. Great ideas as usual, thanks for sharing. Could you let me know what you use on your light board for the mark making .
    Thanks Joanne

    • Hi Joanne, I used a tray with a perspex base (from Cosy) with red coloured sand (from TTS). If you don’t have a commercially bought tray, I’ve also had lots of success with the trays from a Ferrero Rocher box 🙂

  2. An inspirational learning environment,and well worth all of the work that goes into making it so,Thankyou again Rachel for Thursday!love ,Alison.

    • Oh thank you, Alison! It was lovely to see you on Thursday – thanks for visiting! 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel, another inspirational post! Just wondering what it is you use with your mark making on the light box?



    • Hi Kathy, I answered this same question for Joanne above…
      I used a tray with a perspex base (from Cosy) with red coloured sand (from TTS). If you don’t have a commercially bought tray, I’ve also had lots of success with the trays from a Ferrero Rocher box 🙂

  4. Thanks Rachel x

  5. Inspirational ideas as always, thank you 🙂
    Please could I ask where you got your wooden compartment tray from? (used for number recognition and counting with the sand and pebbles)

    • Hi Katy! Yes, you can get them from Amazon – search Montessori tray 🙂

      • Thank you!

  6. love this unit. Where did you et the Dinosaur soap pads?

    • Thanks, Kristina! Fairly sure that they were from eBay 🙂

  7. Wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing!

    • Ah, you’re welcome, Annamaria! 🙂


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