In the Castle

In the Castle

After lots of castle building in their play last week, I kept the dragons but added a few invitations linked with castles.


Invitation to Build Castles

The addition of the large mirrors as a base adds a different dimension to their creations – the mirrors are from Ikea and I’ve completely covered the back of them with masking tape so that they won’t shatter if dropped (not that the children pick them up!)…

Invitation to build castles from Rachel (",)

Building castles from Rachel (",)


Flags on the Finger Gym

They loved this!

We used glass pebbles, but buttons wold be absolutely fine.

Transient art flags with glass pebbles at the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)

I loved watching them copy and create…

Transient art flags with glass pebbles from Rachel (",)

This little girl was super excited to be given a sequin star to add to her flag…

Transient art flags with glass pebbles from Rachel (",)


Castle Feast in the Tuff Spot

Super popular area! Open ended loose parts to represent the food – as much as I love my little wooden cakes, they can only be used as a cakes, these materials became all kinds of ‘food’…

Castle feast in the Tuff Spot from Rachel (",)

Castle feast in the Tuff Spot from Rachel (",)


Transient Art with Silver, Metal and Grey Loose Parts

Transient art with silver, metal and grey loose parts from Rachel (",)


Weaving Ribbons

– through cheap plastic drainer mats…

Weaving ribbons through a cheap plastic kitchen drainer mat from Rachel (",)


Castles on the OHP

– with my laminated cellophane  shapes…

Castles and other pictures on the OHP, with laminated cellophane shapes - from Rachel (",)


Castle in the Small World Area

We kept the dragons from last week, but I added larger knights (the small ones were added to the building castles invitation) and princesses…

Castle play in the small world area from Rachel (",)


‘Castle’ Maths

'Castle' maths from Rachel (",)


Construction Area

Chess Pieces

I’ve had chess pieces in the construction area many times before, although not with this class. I worked in here with them, when we did this – although they chose their own building materials.

Chess pieces in the construction area from Rachel (",)

Simple Building

They love these real bricks. They are from Newby Leisure Limited and are undersized, which make them perfect for little hands.

Castle building from Rachel (",)

Building Outdoors

They actually made castles with bricks and blocks as well as the crates, but I left the photos at school.

Castles with the crates outdoors from Rachel (",)


Building on the Light Panel

… with the brilliant magnatiles…

Building on the light panel from Rachel (",)


Play Dough ‘Cement’ and Bricks

Castles (and other creations) with play dough 'cement' from Rachel (",)



The flags on the Finger Gym led to some children interested in the country they were from. Out came a few maps and a couple of map books of mine… some chose to draw treasure maps…

Map making from Rachel (",)


Playing with Cards

Playing with cards from Rachel (",)


Chess Pieces and a Game Board

Playing with chess pieces and a game board from Rachel (",)

A vey busy, but enjoyable week.


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I moved a couple of the Tap A Shape sets to one of our cable reels as they enjoyed it so much last week...

I moved a couple of the Tap A Shape sets to one of our cable reels as they enjoyed it so much last week…



  1. All fabulous ideas. I especially love the weaving ribbons and the little bricks. Thanks for sharing all your lovely ideas xx

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Jeanette! xx

  2. Rachel, I am constantly blown away by your amazing, creative, cross-curricular ideas. I would love to see you include a book list with authors!

    Carla M.

    • Thank you, Carla! I’ll try and remember to do that. When I write the posts I’m at home & can’t always remember the correct titles/authors.

  3. Great ideas. I am following you from Crafty Mom Share. I have two children’s books, well one in print and one almost ready. I am working on art activities for the second one. I have Tadeo Turtle and The Kingdom of Thrim.
    I love the play dough construction and the coloured blocks see through.

    • Thanks Janis! The books sound lovely 🙂

  4. hi Rachel, yet more amazing ideas, please can you tell me where you got the flags from that you used with the glass nuggets thankyou xx

    • Hi Troy, I just did an image search on Google 🙂

  5. Hi, thanks for sharing. love your ideas very inspiring and thought provoking as usual. The children and I will try out the light box or OTP castle activity… when I have one to use!

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Beccy 🙂


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