Dragon Play

Dragon Play

Just a short post from me today. We’ve had a bit of dragon fever this week. It started after one of the boys wore a T-shirt covered in dragons, which stimulated great interest and resulted in me bringing a few into the classroom. I thought it might just be a few of the boys who enjoyed playing with them, but as they were all excited, I set up a few other areas too…

Dragon T-Shirt from Rachel (",)


Dragon World

Dragon world from Rachel (",)


Tap A Shape

We haven’t had this out yet this year. I thought we could have a go at creating a dragon with the shapes – of course lots of other pictures were created too. They loved it! Absolutely brilliant for their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Invitation to create pictures with Tap A Shape - great fine motor work!... from Rachel (",)


Shape Pictures

… in the maths area…

I love seeing what they create with the shapes. Lovely mathematical language too!

Invitation to create pictures with shapes from Rachel (",)

… with magnetic shapes…

Magnetic shape play from Rachel (",)

…and on the light panel…

Laminated cellophane shapes with a few red glass pebbles…

Creating pictures with laminated cellophane shapes on the light panel - from Rachel (",)


Counting Dragons

Counting dragons from Rachel (",)


Discovery Table

I put out the mirror blocks, some small dragons and a few wooden eggs…

Dragons, mirror blocks and eggs from Rachel (",)


Dragon Dough

Dragon dough from Rachel (",)


Dragon Slime

Soap flakes with food colouring…

Fun with the 'dragon slime' (soap flakes and food colouring) from Rachel (",)


Dragons, Packaging and a Rope Light in the Construction Area

Dragons, packaging and a rope light in the construction area from Rachel (",)


Dragons with the Stacking Rainbow

Love, love love the versatility of this rainbow!

Dragon play with the stacking rainbow from Rachel (",)



They requested that the dragon silhouettes to be on here (previously seen in the Chinese New Year post)…

Dragons and coloured discs on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading! 

Play dough dragon from Rachel (",)


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Independent Tap A Shape creations from Rachel (",)


– Rachel (“,)



  1. Love these ideas
    Do you put any other stimulus besides the books?
    Your children have been so creative but i know mine wouldn’t do anything like this
    Im wondering if there should be something else i should do x

    • Hi May,
      All the areas are demonstrated with ‘possible things they might like to do’. We sit in a circle & some of the resources from the area are brought to the centre. I talk about them & demonstrate suggestions. Some take the ‘advice’, some don’t.
      Also, myself & my TA actually play in the areas with the children, rather than sitting at a table doing a directed activity. This makes a huge difference.
      – Rachel (“,)


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