Hearts for Mummy

Hearts for Mummy

Another very busy week. The children were so engaged with the activities we enjoyed last week that we have mostly continued with our dinosaurs play. I also set up a little hearts station, in honour of Mother’s Day (which is on Sunday 6th March this year, in the UK).

Instead of posting about the dinosaur fun we’ve had, I’ve decided to share some of the hearts the children created. We were inspired by the beautiful photos in the book, ‘Monday Hearts for Madalene’ by Page Hodel.

Using 'Monday Hearts for Madalene' as inspiration - from Rachel (",)

Such a gorgeous book – the story behind it makes me cry.

The children were given the opportunity to create a transient heart for their mummy, which would be photographed and sent via ‘Tapestry‘ (our online Learning Journal) for them to receive on Mother’s Day.

I set out of a few loose parts, but they were also able to access anything they wanted from around the classroom…

Invitation to create hearts for Mummy - from Rachel (",)

Some children just grabbed handfuls of loose parts and dropped them on the heart and others were a lot more considered – either choosing just one resource and covering the whole heart with it, or selecting a mixture.

Here are a few of their creations…

Hearts with Buttons

Button hearts from Rachel (",)



Stone hearts from Rachel (",)


(Silk) Flowers

Flower hearts from Rachel (",)


Glass Pebbles

Glass pebble hearts from Rachel (",)



Natural hearts from Rachel (",)


Not-So Natural

Not-so-natural hearts from Rachel (",)



Many chose to use craft or matchsticks around the edge of the heart. They looked fab!

Hearts with 'edges' from Rachel (",)


Everything On!

Busy hearts from Rachel (",)


A Planned-Out Heart

This child was there for over an hour and a half doing this!

Carefully-planned heart from Rachel (",)


Hearts Galore

Decorated hearts from Rachel (",)

Decorated hearts from Rachel (",)


We discovered that if you put the matchsticks around the heart first and then removed the heart, it left an empty heart shape to decorate…

Hearts for Mummy from Rachel (",)


Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums out there!


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