Nature Play Continues

Nature Play Continues

Our simple ‘nature-inspired’ play has continued this week…


Transient Art on the Discovery Table

…with mirrors as a base…

Transient art on the Discovery Table from Rachel (",)


Tracing Line Designs with Loose Parts

The patterns are simply drawn on black card with a gold pen…

Line designs on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)


Stones and Water

An old favourite. So therapeutic and great for fine motor skills – also the opportunity for discussion about where the water has gone when it dries…

Painting stones with water from Rachel (",)


Simple Small World

I bought a couple of hessian garden bags from a pound shop last year and have used them for really simple small world play (‘characters’ at children’s request)…


Super simple small world play in a cheap hessian garden bag from Rachel (",)


Turtle small world play from Rachel (",)


Invitation to make Imprints and Impressions in Play Dough 

…using matchsticks, shells, Star Anise, Casia Bark & textured rollers…

Invitation to make imprints and impressions in play dough from Rachel (",)

Making imprints and impressions in play dough from Rachel (",)


Number Recognition and Counting

Numbered butterbeans, flowers, buttons, pebbles and numbered planter pots (thanks to The Imagination Tree for the numbered planter pots idea – a large pack from Poundland)…

Counting and number recognition from Rachel (",)


Light Panel Play

Woodland creatures, fir cones and glass pebbles…

Small world play at the light panel from Rachel (",)


Natural Loose Parts on the Mirror Box

Natural loose parts on the mirror box from Rachel (",)


Sealife on a Mirror

I moved this here after I noticed a few children doing the very same thing with the resources on the light panel last week…

Sealife play on a mirror from Rachel (",)



Our Five Little Speckled Frog sensory tray was really popular last week, but I needed the larger cable reel it was on for one of the hessian bags, so moved it to a smaller one so that the children could continue to use it…

Five Little Speckled Frogs Sensory Tray from Rachel (",)


Hole Punching

Ever popular! I try to offer different textures of paper to try with the hole punches – this is just brown packaging paper…

Simple hole punching with single hole punches (shaped and plain round) from Rachel (",)


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Painting stones with water from Rachel (",)

– Rachel (“,)


  1. Looking for ideas for my toddler Montessori program and nature school

    • I’m not Montessori trained, Julia, but you might get some inspiration if you browse through my site. I work with 3 and 4 year olds 🙂

  2. Your provocations are outstanding, beautifully presented, thoughtful, open ended yet with intention, aesthetically pleasing and would invite any child to create, explore, investigate and wonder. Thanks for sharing! Awesome.

    • You are very welcome, Chelsie!
      Thanks for the lovely comment! 🙂


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