Fairy Play

Fairy Play

I am sharing some fairy fun this week – it’s a delayed post due to the blog update last week, but the children were so excited by it, I wanted to share some of the things we enjoyed…

It started with some of my class finding a fairy door on a tree in our garden. One of our lovely Reception teachers had put it there (unbeknown to me) and so it was a genuine surprise!

Fairy door on the tree from Rachel (",)

Then some of our trellis play led to little trees being created and we thought they were might be where fairies lived… Building trees from Rachel (",)

In fact, so much interest was generated from it, that I thought I better ‘seize the moment’.

This little door appeared on our wall before Christmas last year, but we hadn’t heard anything from it for a while…

The Magic Door from Rachel (",)

… so the children were really excited to find a little garden had appeared and that there was a letter from a fairy family!

Magic door with lights and a garden from Rachel (",)

A letter from the fairies... from Rachel (",)

The CCTV had also caught a fairy on camera! (Click on the picture to take you to Instagram, where I shared the video.)

Screenshot from a fairy video - from Rachel (",)

Looking for fairies from Rachel (",)

The fairies were inundated with letters and pictures from the children…

Writing to the fairies from Rachel (",)

Fairy dust kept appearing all over the classroom and garden! We couldn’t believe it!

Finding fairy dust - from Rachel (",)


Log Decorating

There were some logs and glass pebbles on the table that were only there because we hadn’t had chance to put them back where they belong, but this is what happened…

Independent log decorating from Rachel (",)

So I thought I would put some out deliberately…

Decorating logs from Rachel (",)


Spiral Decorating

They also enjoyed using their fine motor skills to decorate this spiral (a request that came from the fairies). So much concentration!

Using fine motor skills to decorate a spiral - from Rachel (",)


Fairy Play on the Colour-Changing Light Panel

Fairy small world play on the colour-changing light panel from Rachel (",)

This is with the light panel turned off, to make it clearer to see…

Fairy small world play on the light panel (light panel switched off in these photos) - from Rachel (",)


Maths Fun with Fairies and Woodland Creatures

Maths fun with fairies and woodland creatures - from Rachel (",)


Numbered Toadstools Play

… with wood flakes, beautiful ‘Tagu beads’ (from TTS) and a tens frames…

Numbered toadstools, wood flakes, tagu beads and a tens frames from Rachel (",)


Pom-Poms, Tweezers and ‘Fairy Jars’

Using tweezers to put pom-poms not the fairy jars - from Rachel (",)


Wands for the Fairies

Lots of fine motor work, threading beads onto pipe cleaners and wrapping them (and wool) around the sticks…

Wrapping fairy wands from Rachel (",)


Fairy Potions

… with old flowers from home…

Old flowers in the water tray from Rachel (",)

Making fairy potions with old flowers in the water tray - from Rachel (",)



We also had glitter and sequins in the water tray (they assumed the fairies has put this there)…

Glitter and sequins in the water tray from Rachel (",)


Loose Parts and Dough

Loose parts and play dough from Rachel (",)


Numicon Play on the OHP

Not fairy-related!

Numicon and magnetic chips on the OHP from Rachel (",)


Invitation to Mark-Make for the Forest Fairies 

Invitation to mark-make for the forest fairies - from Rachel (",)

It’s been a busy time!


Thanks for reading! Now that my blog has been updated, things should resume as normal…

Fairy tents from Rachel (",)

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– Rachel (“,)



  1. Hi Rachel
    the fairy stories were very special – but my question is about the tent structures – using pretty see through fabric in the last photo, what did you use as a frame please?
    thanks – enjoying my forays into your archives.

    • Hi Louise!
      I’m a little confused because you’ve commented under the Fairy Play post, but there is no tent structure in this post…
      I’m wondering if you’re referring to the frame in one of my more recent posts, that’s over the small world area?? If so, it’s a couple of very cheap garden arches (only £5.99 each) that I’ve wedged into the space (I haven’t built them up to be as high as intended).
      Let me know if you’re referring to something different though! 🙂

    • I’ve just re-seen this and think you might mean the dens we made, which do indeed look like tents. We just used washing maidens with some old sarongs to make them 🙂


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