Witches & Spooky Things

Witches & Spooky Things

Witches & spooky things are going to be a focus for us this week – especially as the first day back is Halloween. However, we actually started it a couple of days before half term as my ‘end of the week’ children were talking about it so much that I wanted to ‘seize the moment’. Thought I’d share some photos before this coming week, instead of at the end of it this time. Not as many pictures of the children playing with the resources as usual, as they only had a short period of time, but hopefully you get the idea! I will probably share pics of the children at play this week over on my Facebook Page or Instagram Account


Sensory Tray

I do a version of this every year…

Sensory Spooky Halloween Tray from Rachel (",)


Witches Potion

… in the water tray…

Witches potion in the water tray - from Rachel (",)


Spooky Pictures 

Spooky transient art pictures - from Rachel (",)


Number Fun 


Spooky Halloween-inspired number fun from Rachel (",)

Counting butter bean ghosts…

Using fine motor skills to pick out the butter bean ghosts - from Rachel (",)

Sensory Counting Fun

… in the homemade mirror tray

Halloween-inspired sensory mirror tray from Rachel (",)

Montessori Tray

… with Numicon and spiders…

Using the Montessori Tray with Numicon and spiders - from Rachel (",)

Counting and pattern work with a game board and Halloween loose parts…

Counting and pattern work with a game board and Halloween loose parts - from Rachel (",)

Counting spiders…

Counting spiders from Rachel (",)


Spiders on the Light Panel

Counting spiders on the light panel - from Rachel (",)


Plastic ice-cube Jack O’Lanterns

These are intended for the light panel…

Plastic ice-cube Jack O'Lanterns from Rachel (",)


Ghost Stones

Ghost stones from Rachel (",)


Witches World

Witches world from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Work

Using fine motor skills to pick up the spiders…

Using fine motor skills to pick up the spiders - from Rachel (",)

Using fine motor skills to sort skulls…

Using fine motor skills to sort skulls - from Rachel (",)

Picking spiders off their ‘web’

I’ve previously used cooked spaghetti for this activity, but the tray I wanted for it was being used, so I used wool instead…

Picking spiders off their 'web' - from Rachel (",)


Skeleton Play

Skeleton play from Rachel (",)


Tinker Tray

… with Halloween-inspired colours…

Creating with a Halloween Coloured Tinker Tray - from Rachel (",)


Jack O’ Lantern on the OHP

We’ve done this for the last few years now. It’s always popular!

Cellophane Jack O' Lanterns on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Outdoor Play

This was what was happening on the last day of term. Who knows what will happen next week!

Outdoor witch play from Rachel (",)


Play Dough

The children haven’t actually played with this yet as the dough was made on the last day of school. It’ll be waiting for them on their return though…

Pumpkin Dough

Pumpkin dough from Rachel (",)

Spider Dough

Spider dough from Rachel (",)

Pumpkin Parts

Dough with pumpkin parts - from Rachel (",)

This post shows some of the creations previous children have made with these dough set-ups…

Halloween Dough from Rachel (",)


Jack O’ Lantern Bottle Tops 

(Faces drawn on with a permanent marker pen.)

Jack O' Lantern bottle tops from Rachel (",)


Halloween Story Stones

Not the best picture, I’m afraid…

Halloween story stones from Rachel (",)


Free Printables

We used a number of free printables this year – all of these are free to download from this post

Free Halloween-inspired printables… (",)


Thanks for reading!

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– Rachel (“,)



  1. We’re celebrating bonfire night when we go back, but as usual, fantastic ideas to remember for next year! 🙂

    • Have fun, Ben! 😀

  2. Brilliant post, I’m definitely going to add some of these ideas in next week. Thanks

    • You’re welcome, Kelly! Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Love it all, but super love the bones for loose parts play! 🙂 Happy Hallowe’en!

    • Thanks Mel! You too! 🙂

  4. So creative. Love all your Halloween loose parts!! I wish I was a child in your classroom 😉

    • Thanks Rosa! 🙂

  5. ✨ Wonderfully inspiring ideas, as always Rachel ✨
    Thank you so much for sharing Have a happy Halloween!

    • Thank you, Gill! 🙂

  6. Absolutely love all your posts. You do an amazing job enhancing your learning environments and my team of educators enjoys your inspiration as well. Thank you for your dedication to early education and your kiddos. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world!

    Peace. Love. Learning.

    • Oh, thank you so much, Ashley! 🙂

  7. Love all of your wonderful ideas!! Can you please share where you got your numbers? Are they wooden? Would like to incorporate numbers in our sensory table! Thanks for your time.

    • I just buy unfinished wooden numbers from Hobbycraft. Some I paint, some I leave unfinished 🙂

  8. hi, where did you get your tiny skeleton pieces for your skeleton tray?

    • Hi Lucy. The ones that are in the ‘Skeleton Play’ picture were from Amazon or eBay (I think!) – they are years old. The ones we used for our transient art pictures were from Tesco or Sainsbury’s – they were from necklaces that I just cut up. Again, they’re a few years old.


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