Autumn Discoveries

Autumn Discoveries

There are so many discoveries for the children during autumn. Here are some of the opportunities we have enjoyed during this gorgeous season…


Autumn Walk

What would we see?

Autumn walk from Rachel (",)



These are some of the books we have used…

A few autumn books shared by Rachel (",)

Sharing 'Tap the Magic Tree' - from Rachel (",)


Autumn Collection

Autumn collection - from Rachel (",)


Invitation to tell Autumn Stories 

Invitation to tell autumn stories from Rachel (",)


Minibeast Small World Play

Minibeast small world play - from Rachel (",)


Invitation to Weigh Autumn Treasures

Invitation to weigh autumn treasures from Rachel (",)


Light Panel Play

Trees (inspired by ‘Tap the Magic Tree’)…

Trees on the light panel, inspired by 'Tap the Magic Tree' - from Rachel (",)

Skeleton leaves and autumn coloured buttons…

Skeleton leaves and autumn-coloured buttons in the light panel - from Rachel (",)


Maths Fun

Counting Leaves

Actually coloured glass pebbles (buttons would do!)…

Counting autumn 'leaves' - from Rachel (",)

Sorting Tree Buttons

Sorting buttons - from Rachel (",)

Number Stories

Invitation to tell number stories - from Rachel (",)


Making up Games

Making up board games - from Rachel (",)

Counting and Number Recognition Work 

I made these printables a few years ago now. They are not very ‘snazzy’ (you can definitely tell they are homemade!), but you are welcome to have a copy if you like. Download for free below this photo…

FREE printable trees for counting and number recognition work from Rachel (",)

Download printable here: Numbered Trees from Rachel (“,)


Exploring Pumpkins

Exploring pumpkins - from Rachel (",)


Autumn Transient Art

Loose parts & frames…

Autumn transient art from Rachel (",)

Autumn transient art from Rachel (",)

Leaf Man Inspired…

Loose parts for Leaf Man inspired transient art - from Rachel (",)

Leaf Man inspired transient art - from Rachel (",)


OHP Work

Sticks and skeleton leaves…

Sticks and skeleton leaves on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Trees on the overhead projector - from Rachel (",)


Fine Motor Work

Tweezers, stones and egg-boxes…

Tweezers, stones and egg-boxes from Rachel (",)

Creating an Autumn Tree

Hole punching leaves & then hanging them on the tree…

Using fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination to hole-punch leaves and hang them on the tree... from Rachel (",)


Creating an autumn tree with hole punched leaves - from Rachel (",)

Punching Leaf-Shaped Holes in Autumn Leaves

(This was actually much easier with a normal round punch!)

Punching holes in leaves - from Rachel (",)


Autumn Dough

Autumn dough from Rachel (",)

Autumn dough from Rachel (",)


Sensory Tray

Autumn leaves, petals and mini-beasts…

Autumn leaves, petals and minibeasts in the water tray - from Rachel (",)


Leaves on Sticky Back Plastic

I did something similar to this about 15 years ago, although I have to say that it was a lot more successful then! At that time I was in Year One and we used PVA glue instead of sticky back plastic (and let them dry out for over a week). We enjoyed doing this, but I wish we’d ‘caught’ the leaves at their more colourful stage…

Autumn leaves on sticky back plastic - from Rachel (",)


Hammering Golf Tees into Pumpkins

The old classic!

Hammering golf tees into pumpkins - from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading!

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Carrying pumpkins - from Rachel (",)

– Rachel (“,)

Autumn display from Rachel (",)

Invitation to mark make on leaf shaped paper...

Invitation to mark make on leaf shaped paper…



  1. Beautiful as always, Rachel! I am so inspired by you…I have recently introduced an OVP in my classroom and the children love exploring this new addition. I love your skeleton leaves. Where did you get them? Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity! Rosa

    • Thanks for the gorgeous comment, Rosa!
      The coloured skeleton leaves were from Baker Ross (in the UK), but I’ve had the cream ones for years. I think they were from eBay. Craft shops sell them 🙂

      • Thanks Rachel. I’ll try the crafts stores here in Canada.

        • Good luck!

    • Oh wow! New to teaching Nursery and looking for new ideas. These ideas are amazing. Very inspiring. Thank you

      • You’re welcome, Emma!

  2. Rachel, I always look forward to reading your posts. This one is exquisite and gets me so inspired!

    • Oh thank you so much, Carolyn! What a lovely comment! 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel what an inspiring place for learning you create for your students – they are so luck! Could you please tell me how long do you keep these learning spaces before you change them? Is it student interest, curriculum based or different?

    • Hi Melissa!
      Thanks for the lovely comment!
      Generally, the invitations stay out for a week, which keeps the engagement high. However, it does depend on the interest. If a particular invitation is proving very popular, it will stay out and be changed as interest wanes. Sometimes I need the space the activity was set up in, so I might move the resources into a tray, or onto a different table, so that they can still explore them.
      We are skills based and I don’t have set ‘topics’, I set up invitations based on interests, observing them play and the skills I want them to work on.
      Hope that helps!

  4. Hi Rachel
    As always you deliver in every way. Thank you for your inspirational ideas and most of all thank you for sharing; so many wonderful and interesting ideas to really deliver beautiful invitations for the children.

    • Ah, thank you, Sarah!
      And thank you for taking the time to comment 🙂


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