We have continued with an autumn feel in the classroom, but there has been lots of talk about nocturnal animals, so some of our activities have been linked with this, this week…



Along with the books shared in last week’s post, we enjoyed these books…

Books to enjoy when thinking about nocturnal animals - shared by Rachel (",)


Oliver’s Wood Small World Play

Such a lovely story!

Oliver's Wood Small World Play - from Rachel (",)


Owl Babies Story Stones

A few years old now! These are simply made by gluing pictures on with PVA glue and then painting a coat of PVA glue over the top of the pictures to varnish them. They are not waterproof! Lovely for story telling…

Owl babies story stones - from Rachel (",)


Feathers on the OHP

They looked beautiful!

Feathers on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Nocturnal Animals on the Discovery Table

Lots to talk about and some lovely story telling too…

Nocturnal animals play - from Rachel (",)


Hand Eye Coordination  in the Water Tray

They loved posting the conkers, pine cones and spiders down the tubes and guttering!

Conkers, pine cones, spiders, tubes and gutter pieces - from Rachel (",)


Counting, Number Recognition & some Sorting

Numbers, dice, wooden owls and tree buttons…

Counting owls and trees - from Rachel (",)

Counting owls and foxes…

Counting hedgehogs and foxes - from Rachel (",)

Sorting owls…

Sorting owls - from Rachel (",)


Owl Dough

… and other creatures…

Dough owls and other creations - from Rachel (",)


Threading Beads

… onto pipe cleaners and feathers…

Threading beads into pipe cleaners and feathers - from Rachel (",)


Light Panel Play

Feathers and Owls…

Owls and feathers on the light panel - from Rachel (",)

Autumn Coloured Buttons…

I’m afraid I didn’t have all the photos from this play with me when I was writing the post, but there were some lovely patterns created!

Autumn coloured buttons on the light panel - from Rachel (",)


Autumn-Coloured Pom-Poms

Using tweezers to sort them…

Autumn coloured pom-poms and tweezers - from Rachel (",)


Taking a Mirror Outdoors

What would we see? Would we spot any owls in the trees?

Taking a mirror outdoors - from Rachel (",)


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Abandoned play... (",)

Abandoned play…


  1. A lovely autumn post! Can I ask where do you get those little counting objects from, like the foxes, owls and hedgehogs? Are they buttons?
    Thank you

    • They were bought from the seller ‘’ on eBay a few years ago. They are flat (not buttons) – think they might be to stick on hair bobbles.

      • Thank you! I’ll try and see what I can find. I was having a browse on your previous Christmas posts yesterday and saw little counting objects. Would love to find somethibg similar!

        • Good luck!


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