High in the Sky

High in the Sky

Sorry for the post delay – I was renewing my paediatric first aid training at the end of last week, which meant I didn’t have chance to organise my photos. Lots of sky play around rockets and ‘space’ and a bit of an interest in the story ‘Katie and the Starry Night’ before the holiday led me to planning a few opportunities loosely linked with this.

Here are some of the things we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of weeks…


Starry Night Transient Art

I loved doing this with my class last year and wondered what this year’s children would create….

Invitation to create Starry Night pictures - from Rachel (",)

.These are just a few of the amazing pictures they made…

Starry Night transient art - from Rachel (",)

… loved this picture of a mummy…

'My Mummy' - from Rachel (",)


Tracing Line Designs

Always a good one for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination…

Tracing line designs with loose parts - from Rachel (",)


Counting Stars on the Night Sky

Counting stars - from Rachel (",)


Counting Aliens

Counting aliens - from Rachel (",)


Robot Play

An activity I’ve set up so many times before. It never fails to delight! Lots of lovely language around magnets too…

Magnetic robots from Rachel (",)


Silver Sensory Tray

I set this up in the water tray, originally on a piece of silver fabric…

Silver sensory tray from Rachel (",)

But I decided that as the fabric was loose, it would end up getting tangled with the loose parts, so I replaced it with silver foil (tricky to get a photo of this though)…

Silver sensory tray from Rachel (",)


Building on the Light Panel

We love the magnatiles! The colours are highlighted on the light panel and building on a ‘platform’ adds a new dimension for the children.

Magnatiles on the light panel - from Rachel (",)


OHP Play

Alien, spaceship and rocket silhouettes for creating pictures and to encourage story telling…

Aliens, spaceships and rockets on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Small World Moon Play

I’ve done a version of this so many times before. Lots of recycled materials (packaging, egg-boxes and tins) with astronauts. They love it!

Moon small world area from Rachel (",)


Cutlery Drainers and Nuts & Bolts 

Cutlery drainers and nuts & bolts - from Rachel (",)

A couple of the girls fixed the pots together with the nuts and bolts…

Fixing cutlery drainers together with nuts and bolts - from Rachel (",)


Reversible Sequin Mark Making Frame

The children played with this before the Christmas holidays, but I left it out for when we came back. I got the idea from Hello Giggles – it was widely shared on Facebook and spurned lots of fabulous copies. Although you can’t really make curved shapes (as the sequins just go forwards/backwards, left/right), it’s fab for mark making. So tactile!

I put some in a frame (sorry the photos aren’t very good!)

Mermaid fabric in a frame - from Rachel (",)

And some on a really large canvas (this was SUPER popular!!). The larger size provides more opportunities…

Mermaid fabric on a large canvas - from Rachel (",)


Transferring Stars

Transferring stars - from Rachel (",)


Play Dough and Loose Parts 

Play dough and loose parts - from Rachel (",)

Play dough and loose parts - from Rachel (",)


Starry Discovery Bottles

Starry discovery bottles from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading and see you next week!

A rainbow rocket - from Rachel (",)

 A rainbow rocket!


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– Rachel (“,)

Cleaning the rockets from Rachel (",)


  1. Thanks again for sharing your great ideas. Love the cutlery drainer idea. Where did you get the space silhouette patterns from – they look great.

    • Thanks, Carissa!
      I just searched on Google for the images 🙂

  2. did you make the canvas yourself? have been looking for the same color…and cant find the fabric anywhere

    • Hi Alicia,
      Yes, mine came from eBay (from a private seller). When I search on eBay & Amazon, quite a few come up – maybe it’s because you’re not in the UK? Have you tried searching ‘reversible sequin fabric’ (or ‘mermaid fabric’)?


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