Fairy Play

Fairy Play

I noticed lots of the children were knocking on our fairy door recently.

Knocking on the fairy door... from Rachel (",)

Our little door backs onto our staff kitchen and when we ‘knocked back’ it caused near hysteria! We decided to set up some fairy play to see if we could entice the fairies out of their house. You can imagine the excitement when the CCTV picked up a real fairy flying in our small world area! (Click on the picture to take you to Instagram, where I shared the video.)

Real fairy spotted in the small world area! - from Rachel (",)

There was also a letter from the fairies…

Letter from the fairies - from Rachel (",)

… and we found fairy dust all over the place!

Spotting magic fairy dust - from Rachel (",)

This inspired the children to write lots of letters and draw pictures for the fairies…

Letters to the fairies - from Rachel (",)

So much fairy fun! Here are some of the other activities we enjoyed…


Mark Making in Fairy Dust

Glitter, a cotton bud and my early handwriting pattern cards. Oh so popular!…

Mark making in 'fairy dust' with a cotton bud (FREE early handwriting pattern cards) from Rachel (",)

You can download the pattern cards for free here: Mark making Pattern Cards from Rachel (“,)


Fairies in the Small World Area

Fairy play in the small world area - from Rachel (",)


Wrapping Wands at Finger Gym

… sticks, wool, pipe cleaners and beads…

Wrapping sticks with wool, pipe cleaners and beads to create fairy wands - from Rachel (",)


Pegging Mini Clothes on the Washing Line

Pegging mini clothes onto the washing line - fine motor work from Rachel (",)


Discovery Table

Creating transient art pictures for the fairies…

Transient art pictures 'for the fairies' - from Rachel (",)


Light Panel

Pom-poms, tweezers and ‘fairy jars’…

Pom-poms, tweezers and 'fairy jars' on the light panel - from Rachel (",)


Maths Play

… inspired by the fairies…

Fairy inspired Play in the maths area - from Rachel (",)


Potions in the Water Tray

I was kindly given these potion bottles from TTS and we absolutely love them!

Fairy potion bottles (from TTS) - from Rachel (",)

They were perfect for simple potion making in the water tray this week…

Fairy potions in the water tray - from Rachel (",)


Building with Rainbow Blocks

Building with rainbow blocks - from Rachel (",)


Tracing Line Designs on the OHP

Tracing line designs on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Dough Play

… with loose parts and fairies…

Play dough, loose parts and fairies - from Rachel (",)


Thanks for reading!

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– Rachel (“,)



  1. Hi, where did you get the wooden mark making tray?

    • Mine was from a craft fair, but you can get the same one from Amazon (in the UK, anyway) – search ‘card display tray’ 🙂

  2. Hello-
    You have such beautiful invitations for your children. I would love to get the titles of some of the books that you use along with your invitations.
    Thank you for so many beautiful ideas.

    • I try to remember to take closer images of the books I use, but often forget. Sorry! Will continue to try to remember. Let me know if there are particular pictures you see books in, if you can’t make out the titles 🙂

    • PS. Thanks for the lovely comment!

      • Can you tell me how you added the fairy to the video please? I can’t imagine any child not loving this!
        Thank you for the awesome inspiration.

        • I used the ‘I Saw the Tooth Fairy’ app 🙂


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