Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes

It was ‘Pancake Day’ this week and we couldn’t let this pass by without making pancakes. I thought it would be lovely to share the book, ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ too, so we’ve had activities related to this, & the characters in it, over the week. Here are some of them…


Little Red Riding Hood Small World Play

Little Red Riding Hood in the small world area - from Rachel (",)


Red Riding Hood Doll

My mum gave me the doll that she used in her own classroom – Red Riding Hood at one end, and when you turn her upside down she is Grandma on one side and the wolf dressed up as Grandma on the other. The children absolutely loved it – lots of fab story telling 🙂

Red Riding Hood doll - from Rachel (",)


Three Little Pigs 

Building houses for the Three Little Pigs…

Building houses for The Three Little Pigs - from Rachel (",)


Finger Gym

Using fine motor skills to decorate gingerbread men and ladies…

Using fine motor skills to decorate gingerbread people- from Rachel (",)


Making Pancakes


Real pancake yumminess- from Rachel (",)


Pancake Number Play

Decorating pancakes – counting and number recognition…

Pancake number play - from Rachel (",)


Mark Making in Old Ginger

… counting and number recognition…

Number recognition, counting and mark making (in ginger) - from Rachel (",)



Gingerbread men cutters on the overhead projector…

Gingerbread men on the OHP - from Rachel


Pancake Party

Laminated pancake pictures and open-ended ‘food’…

Pancake party - from Rachel (",)


Red Sensory Bowl

… inspired by Little Red Riding Hood…

Red sensory bowl (inspired by Little Red Riding Hood) - from Rachel (",)


Storying on the Light Panel 

This was what a few of the children picked out to go on the light panel… farm animals and 3D shapes! Very random! We did a bit of ‘Chicken Licken’ story telling, but the children mostly enjoyed building and trapping the animals…

Random animal and 3D shape play on the light panel - from Rachel (",)


Water Tray

Simple red water…

Simple red water in the water area... from Rachel (",)


Pancake Dough

Play dough pancakes - from Rachel (",)


Mr Wolf Books

There are two other Mr Wolf books (as far as I know!). We love them all, but the children especially enjoyed Mr Wolf and the Three Bears…

Mr Wolf's Pancakes and other stories - from Rachel (",)


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  1. I know I’ve seen this question and your answer on another of your posts but where are those counters you use on your OHP from? Great post as usual 🙂

    • I think they’ll come up if you search counting chips on the TTS website (in the UK) 🙂

      • Lovely thank you 🙂

        • You’re welcome!

  2. My class also loved the story and I think I’ll make a story basket. Where did you get the pancake images from? I have searched but can’t find anything as authentic! Wish I’d taken more photos of the ones we cooked now!

    • I just did an image search on Google, Faye.


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