Dinos and Earth Play!

Dinos and Earth Play!

The age group I work with always seem to love ‘dinos’, and so we often have a bit of a dinosaurs focus. Not sure how many people will read this, seeing as half term has just started for many, but here are some of the activities we’ve enjoyed this year…


Skeleton Dinos on the Light Panel

… with loose parts…

Skeleton dinosaurs and loose parts on the light panel - from Rachel (",)


Counting & Number Recognition

Counting and number recognition with dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)


Push Pins on the Finger Gym

… with dinosaur outlines…

Fine motor fun with push pins and dinosaur outlines - from Rachel (",)

Dinosaur outlines and push pins - from Rachel (",)


Small World Play

Land of dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Play on the OHP

… dinosaur silhouettes, cutters and glass pebbles…

Dinosaur play on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Swamp

Good old soap flakes…

Dinosaur swamp - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Play in the Garden

Oh how they loved this!

Dinosaur play outdoors - from Rachel (",)

Building for dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)


Provocation to Explore Loose Parts

No dinosaurs in sight here! I set this up with no suggestions or instructions. I  just wanted to see what they would do with the loose parts…

Invitation to explore loose parts - from Rachel (",)

As well as using the magnifying glasses to look at the resources, there was lots of independent transient art…

Exploring loose parts and creating transient art - from Rachel (",)

… and some unexpected creations…

Exploring loose parts - from Rachel (",)


Playing with Dough

Plain dough, loose parts and dinosaurs…

Play dough and loose parts - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Counters

I’m not the biggest fan of these plastic dinosaur counters, but they inspired a bit of counting, matching and pattern work…

Dinosaur play from Rachel (",)


Early Handwriting Patterns in Sand

Early handwriting patterns in sand - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Hunt

Dinosaur hunt - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaur Pictures

Love what they create independently…

Paper dinosaur - from Rachel (",)

Dinosaur pictures - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaurs in the Construction Area 

Dinosaurs in the construction area - from Rachel (",)

Dinosaurs in the construction area - from Rachel (",)

Building Dinosaurs

A mummy and baby. Love how they added faces…

Independent dinosaur building - from Rachel (",)


Looking After Our World

A bit of an interest in the book, ‘Dinosaurs and all that rubbish’ led to some talk about looking after our world, so I changed a few of the areas to continue the discussions…

Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish

Map Basket

Our map basket is out all the time (in it, there are books, laminated maps, clipboards, paper and pencils), and our talk of the world inspired renewed interest in it.

Map basket from Rachel (",)

Some of our favourites in the basket…

Map books shared by Rachel (",)

The following book shows pictures from ‘Under the Earth’ in one half of the book and then you flip it over and there are pictures from ‘Under the Water’…

The book, 'Under Earth, Under Water' - shared by Rachel (",)

Some independent map making (inside & out)…

Independent map making - from Rachel (",)

Maps on the Light Panel

Story telling and holiday chats with this…

Telling stories with maps and people on the light panel - from Rachel (",)


Famous Landmarks

I’ve had these mini famous landmarks buildings for a long, long time and I got them out after the renewed interest in the map basket. I thought they might inspire some mini building…

Famous landmarks building invitation from Rachel (",)

Buildings inspired by famous landmarks - from Rachel (",)


More Counting and Number Recognition

Number recognition and counting - from Rachel (",)

This is not my idea, I’ve seen it lots of times online, but couldn’t find the original source when I needed, it so made my own – just earth images with holes to fill in with buttons, pom-poms etc The children rolled the dice to determine how many of the spaces they could fill…

Number recognition and counting - from Rachel (",)

Dinosaur shapes, wooden buttons, dice and numbers…

Number recognition and counting with dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)


Earth Inspired Transient Art

Earth inspired transient art - from Rachel (",)

This little boy especially focused on one part of the globe (his idea). He was very particular about his colours!

Using the globe as inspiration for transient art - from Rachel (",)


Dinosaurs on the OHP 

We moved some of the dinosaurs and the skeleton dinosaurs to the overhead projector. It was interesting for them to observe the changes in the shadows, depending on whether or not the figures were standing up or lying on their sides…

Dinosaurs on the OHP - from Rachel (",)


You can see some of our previous dinosaur play here:

http://stimulatinglearning.co.uk/2015/04/dinosaurs/  and, here:



If you’ve just finished for half term, or are about to enjoy the Bank Holiday – enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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– Rachel (“,)

Dinosaur play outdoors - from Rachel (",)

Transporting dinosaurs - from Rachel (",)

Love these dinosaur outfits…

Dinosaur outfits - from Rachel (",)

Transient art - from Rachel (",)


  1. Hi you have some really fantistic and different ideas a lovely approach with one interest in mind DINOSAURS. Lovely photographs I wish I could have enlarged them somehow to take a closer look. I am sure there is a way but how ? Great site thankyou Paula

    • Oh, thank you, Paula! 🙂
      If you wanted to see the images closer I’m afraid your only option would probably be to zoom into your screen. If I shared each image separately they would take up too much space on my blog. Sorry! x

  2. Rachel,
    This is wonderful…can you share your Earth image source which you made? Much appreciated.

    • Thanks, Mary! As far as the image goes, I just did a search on google images to find the picture 🙂

  3. Thanks for the lovely ideas, as ever. I will definitely invest in a ‘map basket’ over the summer 🙂

    • Thanks, Rachel!
      Enjoy your map basket! 😉

  4. Just ordered myself a set of those fabulous landmarks models! Perfect for my ‘me in the world’ topic for next year! Lots more ideas I’ll be “borrowing” for this topic too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Fabulous! 😀

    • Hi Ben,
      Where did you order the landmark models? I looked on Amazon and must not be looking for the correct thing…
      Thanks so much!

      • Try searching ‘Toob World Landmarks Miniatures’ 🙂

  5. Where did you get your dinosaur wooden shapes from?

    • I’m afraid I can’t remember who the seller was , but they were from eBay. Maybe search MDF dinosaurs?

  6. Rachel, I am so grateful for your inspiring blog. I enjoy seeing peeks into your classroom, and always come away with an idea or two to implement in my own classroom. Keep up the good work, and thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Audrey!
      So pleased you might be inspired in some way 🙂

  7. Where did you source the dinosaur counters from please?

    • We’ve had them for years and years so I’m not totally sure, but they would have probably been from either TTS or YPO (both UK)


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